[This is the first of three writings in personal reflection of what occurred September 11, 2001 in New York City. Circulated originally to only a small circle of friends, it presents an unwelcome attitude of the Lord regarding the terrorist attacks and the American prophetic church’s general response to them.

Warning: This article is not for the weak of heart, the easily offended, or for those led by emotion—yet it is at the same time directed specifically to such. I apologize in advance (but as Paul Cain says, "not really") for the offense of the following. Read this at your own prophetic risk.]


Siloam: An Allegory

One day downtown in the state capital (specifically in the financial district), a major tragedy took place. A skyscraper called Siloam Towers collapsed killing a number of people. About the same time, the governor of the state publicly executed some religious worshippers and "mingled their own blood with their sacrifices."

The news of this tragedy spread quickly around the country. People were horrified at these events. Their world was thrown into chaos and they came to one named Jesus about these things looking for solace and direction.

Jesus immediately sprang into action. Overcome with grief and compassion for the people, He convened a prayer council of all the local elders. He led them in prayers of mercy for the governor and for all the people, urging quiet and calm. He began to give exhortations to resiliency, encouraging the people that they had the spirit and will to overcome evil of all kinds. (As he said this, he pulled near to him a nearby flag topped with its imperial eagle to bolster the people in their sense of national pride.)

Jesus specifically told the people that this was not a time for any hard words, and not to say anything that would upset people further. Only comfort and exhortation. Following this, he gave a brief teaching about the heavenly war, and how all of what happened was really due to the work of the devil.

He told of how he specifically saw a “spirit of religious malice" working on the governor and that the governor needed to be delivered. He also encouraged people to pray more and band together to bind the devil from being able to knock down any more skyscrapers as he saw some other demons poised on these buildings.

Then, after he had dismissed the people, like Joshua of old after the first battle of Ai, Jesus resorted to a desert place where He was known often to go, got down on His face before the Father, and, casting ashes and dust upon His own head said, "Father, why have you forsaken us and given us over to our enemies?"


Friends, if the story above is not how you remember it, don't look at me. Look at the prophetic church's response to what is happening now, remembering that the church is supposedly the extension of the nature of Jesus in the world.

The Lord’s Attitude Versus Ours

Jesus had a very matter-of-fact response to the news of his day. He wasn't shocked by it. He expected it. He didn't break down into a puddle of prophetic blubber about "mercy" or start encouraging the people on according to their mortal national identity. And he didn't blame the devil for what was happening. In fact, nothing Jesus said about the end, including in John's Revelation, was characterized by any of these things.

I'm sorry to be the prophetic odd man out here, but open ended mercy is not what these end times are about. They are about judgment. The objective reading of everything Jesus said about these times bears this out.

These things are not going to be stopped. They are going to increase. And there is only one call the angels of Revelation give in the face of them. It is this, "Fear God and give Him glory, for the hour of His judgment is come." The Lord’s only word of mercy is this (and this is a quote):

 Unless you repent, you shall all likewise perish.”

        - Repentance Brings Mercy

If you want mercy, then stop begging for mercy and start repenting. I am amazed how little the true end time call to repentance is playing any part in the prophetic heart-wringing going on now from major ministries. It’s as if everyone is doing a verbal dance around the obvious. Everyone knows this is judgment. Everyone knows we need to repent (including George Bush), but no one wants to come out and say so. (After all, that would be too judgmental, and—forget what the angels say—we all know that God is simply not judgmental.)

It's easier to blame Islamic militancy, and attribute Islam's rage simply to America's support for Israel. Let's just forget the fact that America has spewed its pornographic filth around the globe. Let's forget the reality that under the control of the world banks America and its commercialism has degraded peoples and cultures throughout the earth and has used its imperial military prowess to enslave them all into indebtedness (in the name of democracy of course). As evil as Islam is, this is what Islam sees about America…..

          - Our Need to “De-nationalize”

Listen, if you want to be saved in the coming days, one of the key things you need to do is to start "de-Americanizing"  (de-nationalize) your identity and shed the humanistic compassion that goes with it. This pertains to both America and Israel. Everything God wants to say prophetically today is largely being clouded by this deep nationalization of the church's sense of identity.

We will never climb out of mortality and become aligned with the true Spirit of the Book of Revelation as long as we keep embracing this humanistic nationalist mindset. We will just keep blubbering, and when Babylon finally goes down for good (of which yesterday was the opening preview) we will go down with it, clutching our Roman eagle.


The True Nature of Mercy

Do I believe in mercy? Does God? Yes, of course. But God's mercy is a clear-minded mercy established in conjunction with repentance over the issues of His righteousness and separateness of identity in His Son. It is not a humanistic mercy rooted in mercy for passion's sake seeking to alleviate all pain and death. God in fact claims responsibility for much pain and death.

The passion of God for people does not operate separately from the authoritative truth nature of righteousness and His call to separateness of identity in Christ. And until the prophetic church is clear about this, we will just go on sending prophetic blubber around the world.

America doesn’t need anymore “mercy.” America has had nothing but mercy and then used it to build up its own smug, self righteous, secular-socialist humanism that has no room for the God we worship. Babylonian America needs to repent. And the church needs to repent for its idolization of America.

- Needed: Death to Self, Not “Mercy”

When Jesus reacted so matter-of-factly to the collapse of Siloam Towers, it was because He was already dead to this life. And He had come to bid men to come and die with him. This call to death was His operating platform in teaching us about the end times. It is certainly a platform that the Islamists understand well, however misguided. They die for a viciously false cause.

But we won’t die for anything!

Our vision of the Bride of Christ is the one we see on Sunday mornings—you know, the one of a Bride feeding herself with ice cream sundaes and junk food at church socials and fellowship time. And then, when the slightest tragedy hits, we fall to pieces and start crying for more “mercy,” translated: “Spare us from having to die with you, Lord. Restore our comfort, Lord. Make us feel good about ourselves again, Lord…”

The truth is frankly that most of us simply have not died to our adamic national identity in this life and we are using the prophetic to reinforce it in the name of “mercy.” And that is why we are as worked up as everybody else about what is going on, and thus paralyzed from providing true leadership and judgmental authority as is given to the saints in Revelation 12 and Psalm 149.

An Exhortation to Holy Identity

I urge you to take a look at your heart, your response to what is going on, and to ask God to realign your heart with the power of holy identity exuded by the Book of Revelation. We must become as the angels in this book if we are to overcome the times ahead. For the truth is, what happened yesterday is nothing to what is still coming upon the earth. (Are you ready for the soon coming invasion of America by the third world? How about for the concentration camps that have already been prepared in this land for those who will resist the new world order?)

Let’s accept this terrorist challenge as an opportunity to surrender once and for all to die before the Lord, and to get toughened up for what is ahead. Let’s stop moaning for mercy and start dying so we can fulfil our true destiny as world leaders and shapers, so we can display the power we have been called to display, and obtain the immortality we have been apprehended to obtain.

Blessings and love upon all the true sainthood......

Chris Anderson
, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship