(A Personal Doctrinal Statement)

"Can two walk together except they be agreed?" Amos 3:3

[written especially for the benefit of prospective Readers Circle members.]

My teaching has developed over four decades of exposure to the Scriptures and to many streams of the body of Christ combined with revelatory input of the Holy Spirit, leading to some very unique perspectives. No one can be expected to take in all my teaching before joining the Circle, nor to believe exactly as I do on every point.

But to help avert later misunderstanding, I offer here an up front "digest" of what I consider my most "provocative" teaching as well as my overall "cosmology" (view of God's universal plans). This digest can help you decide if this ministry is right for you as a source of Christian prophetic fellowship. (Note: Some—but not all—of these teachings are more fully explained in the articles. Any scriptures in support of these teachings are found there. In some cases, hyperlinks are provided here pointing to articles that offer fuller descriptions. )

Before presenting them, I want you to clearly know:

I believe in all the cardinal doctrines of the trinitarian Christian faith as espoused in the well-known creeds accepted by mainstream fundamentalist-evangelical churches—including the virgin birth of Christ, His sinless humanity and His Deity, His all-sufficient atonement for us on the cross, His physical resurrection and soon return—and our access to new birth by grace through repentant faith in Him alone apart from all works. I also believe in the present-tense supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit as rekindled in the 19th century Holiness Revivals and passed down through the Pentecostal-Latter Rain-Charismatic-Prophetic movements of the 20th century.

The distinctives below honor these standard beliefs. While they may or may not be explicitly articulated in the Scriptures as I teach them, they are in clear harmony with the prevailing Spirit of the Scriptures and otherwise not contrary to itThey are mine only, and not necessarily those of any other ministry referred to on this site including Brother Earls.

Understand, this digest is an extreme condensation of very extensive teachings. Expansive thought is packed into few words. If any of it seems too difficult to get your spirit around, ask the Holy Spirit, your "Ultimate Tutor," for further illumination. Scripture says "prove all things, hold fast that which is good." Just because I teach something doesn't make it so. Likewise, but perhaps not as obvious to you, just because you can't agree with something at first sight or get an "immediate witness" to it does not mean it is false. The teachings below challenge many commonly held prophetic Christian beliefs and paradigms. (The most provocative statements are indicated in brown.) Proving truth often takes time, especially prophetic truth. With that in mind, be blessed as you consider the following:    


1. "My Cosmology:" The Supremacy of God's Will over His Passion (expressed in Creation, Salvation and the Church)

God's heart is most characterized by an unspeakable purpose to display His Holiness through an interplay between two attributes: Divine Will and Divine Passion. In His eternal counsels, God has established the entire Creation story—its fall and redemption—as a theater for working out a mysterious "manifest reconciliation" of His own Passion to His Sovereign Will in Holiness. Specifically, God's ultimate purpose in Creation and the plan of salvation is to prove and display through Christ His chief attribute of perfected Holiness by demonstrating in Him the supremacy of His Eternal Will over His own Passion for His Creation. The following flows from this premise:

- 1.A. Christ's Perfection, Not Man's Need—the True Center of God's Heart

Christ, and God's "need" to display His perfected Holiness through Him—not man and his need for salvation—is at the center of God's eternal heart and purpose. Our salvation is the byproduct of God's plan to display the perfected holy reconciliation of His Divine Passion under His Divine Will through Christ. "The Lamb did not have to die because man sinned; man sinned because the Lamb had to die." (The Lamb's death is the prevenient authoritative force and fundamental raison d'être for the creation and fall of the universe, not vice versa.)  

- 1.B. God's Passion subject to His Eternal Will Seen in God's relationship with Man

In relating to man, God's Passion is "Self-limited" to man's finite level of relational appreciation and responsive capacity. His Eternal Will however is outside of Creation, is not self-limited, and so lies beyond all human appreciation and response. Apparent contradictions in His attributes such as His sovereignty yet His appeal to human choice, His omniscience yet His need to "find out" information from men, etc. all express the out-working of the Unconfined Eternal Will / Self-limited Passion drama within God's own heart.

In expression toward man, God's Passion is universal and without discrimination while His Eternal Will is marked by sovereignly selective intent. Because God's otherwise indiscriminate Passion is subject to His sovereignly selective Will, man's salvation is ultimately determined by God's gracious Will (election)—not by God's universal Passion or by man's reasoned will ("choice") as appealed to by God's Passion in its Self-limited capacity. Salvation is not an entitlement "owed to man" or "demanded" by an assumed supremacy of God's Passion for man. In these regards, the human concept of "fairness" rooted in the human knowledge of good and evil has no legal standing for judging the justness of God's eternal counsels regarding man's salvation.

- 1.C. Subjection of God's Passion to His Will Seen in Marriage and in the Church

Gender in Creation (male and female) ultimately reflects the two-fold divine Will / Passion nature and is intended to display the Holy subjection of God's passion to His will by means of the marriage relationship. The spiritual equality of all men and women in Christ ("neither male nor female") under remaining mortality does not alter this creational order. The unfettered display of spiritual equality will not come into effect until we are immortalized. Consequently, on this side of the veil:

- Husbands are intended to be the final authority in their homes (however imperfectly they reflect the "agape" of God's will) and wives are intended to respectfully abide by that final authority (however more mature, advanced or superior their prophetic vision and calling may be in the Spirit of the new creation). 

- Men are generally intended to occupy the forefront roles of leadership in mortal church ministry, with exceptions increasingly appointed by the Spirit as the church approaches immortality where transgender equality becomes fully manifest. However, the ability of women to walk now in such open leadership ("Deborah"-type) roles is especially dependent on their ability to demonstrate spiritual authority over their dominant passion nature, and, if married, to demonstrate a submissive spirit to their husbands regarding the home.

- 1.D. Defining the Love of God (Agape)

The biblical word for divine love is "agape," which is the expression of God's kind intent toward us. The Agape-love of God, while secondarily characterized by His passion (i.e., His emotional feelings) for us, is not defined by His passionate desire. The seat of Divine Love is God's Will, not His Passion. For God, love is first and foremost a "decision."

God's kind intent is bounded by His sovereignty and His truth as well as by His will's authority over His passion—ie, His Holiness. Holiness is in fact God's Self-declared chief attribute. Thus, while in the church Agape-love is "greater than faith and hope," within God Agape-love is not "greater than" His holiness, sovereignty and truth. God's expression of Agape-love is subject to these defining attributes. God may choose to "have mercy on whom I will have mercy" (one of the many expressions of His Agape-love); but He has no choice but to be holy, sovereign and true in that expression.  One may express holiness, sovereignty and truth apart from Divine Love. But one may not express Divine Love apart from holiness, sovereignty and truth. Therefore Agape-love is not a self-standing nor the all-defining "chief attribute" of God.


2. Re: "Total Reconciliation / Restoration" of the Creation / Christian Universalism

The Gen 3:15 enmity established between the serpent with its seed and the woman with her seed (Christ) is permanent, remaining the unaltered basis for irreconcilable conflict on which the entirety of the Scripture cosmology is woven to the very last chapter of Revelation.

- 2.A. Unmitigatable Enmity of Two Seeds

All restoration of Creation through Christ happens inside the unmitigatable enmity between Christ and Lucifer—an enmity of nature born outside of time, not an enmity based in acts committed inside of time, and which therefore has no "end." The Restoration of Creation does not eliminate this enmity. Christ did not die to redeem Lucifer.

- Mankind is of three spiritual classes: Sheep (the reborn elect seed of the Father), Lost Sheep (the hidden elect "planting of the Father" yet unborn within men) and Goats (the non-elect seed of the serpent). The Sheep seed and Goat seed are permanently irreconcilable belonging to different natures out of time. 

- 2.B Permanent Destruction of the Goat Seed

Goats are destined to the Lake of Fire, The Lake of Fire is permanent, both soul and body being destroyed (not "restored") therein.

- 2.C. Passion-based Deception Rooted in Human Offense

Total Reconciliation belief is based in passionistic offense toward the sovereignty of God and in the appeasement of  human rationality rooted in the concept of "fairness" as derived from the human knowledge of good & evil. It is an Adonijah-class deception ultimately designed to secure the receiving back of the rebel Lucifer into the kingdom via the "intercession" of the "queen mother" (the deceivable "passion-led" church) before the King. As such it is a manifestation of spiritual treason on the part of anyone who holds to it, however unwittingly.

- 2.D. Divine Non-Responsibility for the Fall of Creation

God bears no responsibility for the fall of Lucifer. God further bears no more responsibility for the fall of Creation or the deserved eternally destructive destiny of the Goat seed than He bears for the fall of Lucifer, the father of that seed. Yet God alone receives all credit for His gracious destiny toward the Seed of the Lamb and the establishment of the New Creation that will never fall.  

{Important notice to any "sonship"-oriented believers considering joining the Readers Circle who hold to Total Reconciliation ("TR"):  Be noticed that, because the apostles pointedly tell us that salvation only prevents damnation, and one who later rejects his salvation irretrievably forfeits it to where his only destiny is damnation without mercy, TR therefore directly contradicts their inspired testimony, and in effect makes the apostles out to be liars. TR also therefore is propounding an alternative counterfeit "salvation," which earns a like condemnation on those who choose to believe in it "anyway" based merely on their "own inner witness" to its "truth." For this reason, and recognizing that Christian Universalists range from  passively sincere but unsure adherents to active "apostolic" purveyors, First Love Ministry can have no fellowship with any active purveyor of TR. However, any passively unsure TR believer is welcome to join the Circle for the purpose of privately seeking and proving out the truth regarding this issue through further dialog.}  

3. Salvation Specifics

Salvation has three distinct dimensions: salvation of the spirit, salvation of the soul, and salvation of the body.

-3.A. Spirit Salvation

The Spirit is eternally saved at new birth by grace through faith apart from all works, becoming a new seed identity when the Word of Christ (gospel) meets the hidden "planting of the Father" in the hearts chosen by the kind intent of His Will. This new identity can never be lost. New birth is irrevocable, but cannot occur without repentance.

- It is possible to be "washed" by the blood of Christ by making a human "decision" for Christ without ever becoming spiritually reborn. One may obtain a provisional covering and forgiveness of sins prior to new birth by a superficial level of faith ("decisional regeneration") and perhaps even a superficial repentance, only to fall away from it without consumating new birth. 

-3.B. Soul Salvation

Upon spirit rebirth, the soul enters into the process of being saved through a course of Spirit-led obedience called discipleship (signified by water baptism) by which the soul (the "passionate" nature of man) is brought into full conformity to the new spirit identity of the Father in the believer (the "divine will" imparted to man), evidenced by the fruit of love (agape).

- Entrance into and endurance of the process of soul salvation yielding agape-love is evidence to others of genuine spiritual rebirth. It is the focus of salvation within the believing church. 

- The soul is not fully saved until it can receive an immortal body. This can mean that either some further plan of soul salvation is worked out after death where not completed before death, and/or the class of immortal body we receive is determined by the degree of soul salvation obtained by the time of death. Through negligence or disobedience the believer's soul can be subject to some degree of "loss"—not in hell, but in failure to qualify to obtain its appointed inheritance, though the reborn spirit remains eternally saved. 

-3.C. Physical Salvation

The salvation of the body is conditioned on the salvation of the soul. A fully saved soul will automatically yield a new immortal body as death has no more dominion where the soul is delivered from all sin. No one with a mortal body has been delivered from all sin (become "sinless"). Yet obtaining immortality is conditioned on readiness through soul salvation. It is not awarded simply by divine "fiat" at a certain hour on a prophetic time clock for all believers (as held by popular "rapture" teaching). 

A complete digest of all these phases of transformational salvation with scripture citations is found here.


4. The Baptism and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

-4.A. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a work distinct from new birth. In its completeness, it involves both a severing from the root power of sin in the soul as well as an anointing for charismatic gifts. It is indispensable to obtaining soul salvation,  but not to spirit salvation. One can be eternally reborn in spirit without ever receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. One may also receive the anointing side of Spirit baptism without ever obtaining the severing from the root of sin necessary to progress in soul  salvation. Conversely, one may come under an anointing baptism of the Holy Spirit and never become spiritually reborn.

-4.B. The prophetic ministry of the Holy Spirit as both the Comforter and the Spirit of Truth reflects the divine Passion and Will natures of God. As the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit is allowed to prophetically speak forth as a "false witness" in true reflection of idolatrous hearts to which He may be speaking. False prophets can be filled and moved upon by the Holy Spirit. Similarly, true anointed kingdom works of revival, including healing and deliverance may be serviced  through false prophetic vessels. The genuine revival activity of the Holy Spirit through false vessels acts as a two-edged sword for proving and correcting the deficiencies in the two-fold prophetic church (see no. 6 below).    

A complete digest of the Holy Spirit's ministry of anointing with scripture citations is found here.


5. The Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is currently in the earth in a pre-natal ("fetal") form witnessed by the hidden work of salvation in man and by the touching of earth with the powers of "the world to come." It has not come in permanent manifestly "inheritable" form in which it "takes dominion" to "rule over" the nations, and will not until its "birthing" of the translation of the saints. As such:

-5.A. The kingdom impacts human cultures but does not "convert" or "transform" fleshly human cultures and nations into "manifestations of the kingdom." The kingdom is as inviolably separate from human culture and national identity as spirit is from flesh.

-5.B. The church with its ongoing work of salvation is at the heart of the kingdom, but does not comprise the entirety of the kingdom. The kingdom is "demonstrated" wherever the power of God "touches" the world outside the church in signs and wonders while its "essence" is housed within the church and outworked through the stages of salvation.  


6. The Prophetic Movement(s)

Two prophetic movements exist in the earth. Each contains a primary impartation of one of the two "wrestling" natures within God's Heart: Divine Will and Divine Passion. Each movement is both incomplete and plagued with error based in a maximization of strengths and blindness to weaknesses for which correction can only be obtained through the opposing movement and submission to the "two-edged sword" of the Spirit (See No. 4.B. above).  

-6.A. "Mainstream Culture" Prophetic Movement

The mainstream prophetic movement primarily bears the Heart of Divine Passion toward man (the ministry of the Comforter), but is mired in "feminine" deception which illicitly promotes God's Passion above His Will ("passionism"), placing the world rather than Christ at the center of God's heart, and polluting ("prostituting") the pure identity of the Christian faith by redefining it in terms of human cultures (viz., American Patriotism)—perverting the prophetic to preserve and align the church with human cultures ("the world") rather than calling men to eternal salvation out of the world and surrendering its own love of world culture through First Love. To the degree these errors serve as the defining elements of the mainstream movement, it can be considered a "false prophetic movement," answering in spirit to the "harlot" of Revelation 17. 

-6.B. The "Wilderness Purist" Prophetic Movement

The wilderness prophetic movement primarily bears the Heart of Divine Will toward men (the ministry of the Spirit of Truth), but is mired in a "masculine" stoicism (willfulness) mislabeled "holiness" which uses the supremacy of Divine Will to ridicule and deny the passion heart of God as displayed in the mainstream prophetic, radicalizes the gospel into an in-grown legalistic prophetic culture based in ascetic discipleship practices and elitist "remnant" attitudes,  dwells in negative revelation rather than in Christ, and plots its course in reaction to culture prophetic error rather than in response to the Father's call toward a complete heart of reconciled Holiness through First Love. To the degree that these errors serve as the defining elements of the wilderness prophetic movement, it can be considered a "false prophetic movement," answering broadly to the spirit of the "antichrist" of I John.

-6.C. The Isaiah 62:5 "Marriage"

In harmony with the consummation of the reconciliation of His own nature in Christ, the Father is laboring toward bringing forth an eventual "marriage" between a repentant remnant from both the passionist culture prophetic movement and the stoic wilderness-purist prophetic movement. This "marriage" as described in Isa. 62:5 will yield the consumate holy prophetic demonstration of divine passion subject to divine will in the prophetic church, hence a whole, completely transformed transcendent church anointed for power in the final last days from which will proceed the immortalized manifestation of the Sons of God / Bride of Christ in conjunction with the return of Christ.      


7. Messianic Issues and the State of Israel

- 7.A. Two Israels

The natural race of Israel is a "foretypical mirror" of a transnational immortal race of the Spirit also called "Israel." The purpose for creation of "National Israel" was to house the development of "Eternal Israel" toward the incarnation of our Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach / the Lord Jesus Christ through the time of His resurrected transformation into the fully revealed transnational Eternal Son of God. National Israel's purpose remains at this time to "catalyze" the final manifestation of Eternal Israel in conjunction with the return of Yeshua HaMashiach / the Lord Jesus Christ . 

- 7.B. Abrahamic Tree of Faith

After "breaking off" the unbelieving "branches" of National Israel from the "tree of Abrahamic Faith" for rejecting their Eternal transnational Savior, and after having devoted the age since Yeshua's resurrection to building Eternal Israel by "grafting" remnants of other races into the Abrahamic faith tree, God is now moving as promised to complete Eternal Israel by regathering National Israel for the purpose of regrafting a modern remnant of them back into the eternal Abrahamic Tree. As branches capable of off-breaking and re-engrafting, National Israel is not the trunk of the Abrahamic Tree of Faith into which anyone else is engrafted, nor its root, which is rather our Transnational Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach / the Lord Jesus Christ.

- 7.C. Meaning of the Restoration Prophecies

The Old Testament prophecies of Israel's restoration refer to the regeneration of Eternal Israel out of the demise of National Israel, not to the reconstruction of National Israel and its Mosaic Legal system. The prophecies have superior regenerative interpretation within the revelation of New Covenant apostolic teaching.

- The current regathering of National Israel is not in fulfillment of the restoration prophecies, but of the Isaiah 43 pre-restoration divine "court summons" toward clearing the Name of the Son of God and His Eternal Transnational Faith.

- 7.D. Ownership of the Promised Land

The "deed" to the Promised Land was permanently transferred out of the name of National Israel at the Crucifixion and has been held in "escrow" for the immortal Abraham and his transnational heirs (Eternal Israel) at their appearing with Yeshua / Jesus at His return. National Israel has no further legal claim to the Promised Land based in human heritage, but their regathering today is a Sovereign decree of God under reluctant United Nations (gentile) edict in preparation for Father's completion of Eternal Israel there and His final award of the deed to Eternal Israel.

- 7.E. Invalidity of Messianic Judaism

Messianic Judaism is a partial "passionistic" faith in Yeshua rooted in carnal vision for Yeshua's past human identity and National Israel's carnal legal heritage. All Judaistic issues dividing Messianic believers from those of all races (including Jewish believers) who profess transcendent "race-blind" Christian faith without respect to natural Jewish heritage are formed on this humanistic vision and are to be rejected by eternally-hearted transnational believers in Yeshua / Jesus as corruptions of the New Covenant. All such issues are thoroughly examined and refuted in the Treatises on Israel

- The significance of prophetic typologies revealed through the Mosaic feast and calendar system applicable to our End Times does not invite re-submission to observing that system 

- Exaltation of and devotion to any human racial or cultural heritage, whether Jewish or Gentile (viz., Zionism or American patriotism) is an idolatrous affront to God, contrary to the discipleship demands of eternal transnational Christian faith, and is to be condemned.

- 7.F. The Name of Jesus (Yeshua)

The name Jesus Christ (Greek Iesus Christos / Hebrew Yeshua Hamashiach) is the only name under heaven given among men by which we can be saved. It is also therefore the only name around which true Christian fellowship may be formed. Specifically, Jesus Christ is the documentably verfiable correct English name for our Lord and Savior.  No other Hebrew name, including all variations of what is referred to as the "sacred name" (ex.- "YHVH," etc.) may substitute for the name Jesus / Yeshua in matters of Christian identity, fellowship and ministry. Consequently this ministry will only conduct dialogue with readers based on this name.


8. End Times Perspective (Eschatology)

- 8.A  "Times and Seasons:" Dispensational Unfolding of the Manifest Kingdom

The End Times (ie, the final end times of the present "last days" age since Christ) represent but one small transitional time period in the continuous outworking of the master Divine Will / Passion reconciliation through Christ. That outworking is characterized by appointed measurable sequential stages of revelation biblically called "times and seasons" (or "ages" or "dispensations") demarked by differences in divine operations.  

- 8.A.1 Two Ages of Unbelief

 The End Times have been preceded by two major mortal dispensations both "concluded in unbelief:" the Mosaic (Old) Covenant Age of Israel under the Law ["First Age of Unbelief"]; and the Gentile Engrafting Age of Faith ("Church Age") under the New Covenant Gospel ["Second Age of Unbelief"]—a gentile mirror image of Old Covenant Era unbelief. Underneath the two ages of unbelief has been sown a revelational seed of true enduring faith in a remnant of believers awaiting an immortal harvest into what is to become the Manifest Kingdom Age ("faith made sight"). 

- 8.A.2 Transition from Second Age of Unbelief to the Manifest Kingdom Age

The End Times consumate the "Second Age of Unbelief" out of which is to be harvested (or born) the manifest immortal Kingdom of God (The Kingdom Age or the "Age of Mercy Upon All") sown in the preceding ages and which is to yield the true fulfilment of the New Covenant.

- 8.A.3 Preservation of the Time Continuum Under Eternal Impingement

The Manifest Kingdom Age will witness a hitherto veiled interface between the temporal and eternal realms. In preparation toward this, the End Times now demonstrate an increasing impingement of eternal powers from the world to come on the temporal earth. However, this eternal impingement does not cancel the dispensational nature of the appointed "times and seasons" under the time continuum that mark off the progressive stages toward the Manifest Kingdom. End Times events retain an ordained measurable sequence in time though under increased Eternal influence, as will the Manifest Kingdom Age itself.

- Eschatalogical Cessationism ("Kingdom Now")

I explicitly deny the prophetic teaching that all New Covenant eschatalogical prophecy—specifically the Book of Revelation— was fulfilled in (and hence ceased to be a Voice of the Holy Spirit for fulfillment after) the year 70 A.D, that admits of no future kingdom hope to be expected saying the manifest kingdom age is here "now" (in effect, that flesh and blood can now inherit the kingdom of God), that relegates the return of Christ to a peripheral agnostic expectation awaiting our "anointed mortal ability" to convert all the fallen cultures of the world to Christ, and that by "faith" we can otherwise dismiss all concept of dispensational times and seasons under the time continuum by "naming and claiming" possession of an "eternal mind."  

- 8.B. Centrality of the Translation "Harvest"

The key event consumating the End Times is the immortalization "harvest" of saints in conjunction with the return of Christ. All other predicted events serve this one, and have no significance apart from the issues of soul salvation leading to immortalization. Immortalization will occur over a period of time based on internal readiness, but particularly in two phases—one before and one after the Great Tribulation. 

- 8.C. Multi-Dimensional Fufillment of Prophecy

End Times prophecies have multi-layered spiritual, earth-literal and heavenly-literal meanings; capable of fulfilment on various levels at various times. Specifically, all visionary terminology of Revelation is literal, not figurative, but most of the literality is from a heavenly eye having visibility to phenomena not visible on the earthly plane. Time periods (such as the 1,000 year millennial reign) are also to be understood literally though such time significations have additional prophetic numerologic meaning / interpretation.  

- 8.D. Next Dispenational Revelation of the Word of God

The unfolding of the immortal Kingdom Age will see a transformation in the nature of God's revelation to man (ie, transmission of the Word of God) and in the divine order of worship that is as radically different as were the introductions of the Mosaic legal system and then the apostolic church system. This intimates the development of either a third canon of Scripture and/or another form of Scripture to come that is altogether different than the mortally written word as we now know it. 


9. Church Identity & Government

- 9.A. Church Identity

The New Covenant gospel was made to be lived out through a fresh birthing of the five-fold ministry in each generation that empowers all the believers of a generation to function in their roles "from house to house" as the Spirit applies the truth of Scripture in increasingly maturer living ways. It wasn't meant to be transmitted by governmentally-"approved" hierarchichal, organizational systems (viz., denominations) built through cultural accommodation identified by buildings as have characterized the current Second Age of Unbelief. The church is neither defined by nor confined to such institutions. 

- 9.B. Church Authority

- The valid spiritual authority of any local church or ministry is established by Holy Spirit-witnessed relational impartation, not by paper credentials or by titles and "alphabet letters" placed around names. A spiritual voice has both spiritual authority with and servant-accountability to—and only to—those that receive spiritual impartation through that ministry or who otherwise express faith in its fundamental validity. The closer the relationship, the greater the spiritual authority and the accountability.

- Positional authority is distinct from spiritual authority and is established by God wherever He ordains establishment of any spiritually-motivated collective enterprise requiring order and direction over any period of time. Positional authority may not be a reflection of or track with true spiritual authority and, under the Ages of Unbelief, usually does not.  

- True positional authority flows only from true spiritual authority; however, spiritually deficient positional authority must yet be respected until replaced by God. Rejection of the positional authority of any institution demands departure from the orbit of the insitutution. Seasonal submission to spiritually deficient positional authority may be a test of true discipleship.

- Willful isolated non-accountable "relationship" rooted in fear of past experiences and devoid of hope for future authoritative / accountable body relationship is as rebellious as non-relational body authority and accountability.

- 9.C. Relationship to Artificial Church Systems

In general, I do not recognize culturally-approved, nicolaitan-spirited, liturgically-defined theatric systems as valid representations of the Christian church, but welcome fellowship with believers who may necessarily be called by the Spirit to function within these systems. (I myself have been and may be called again to function within such systems.)

- I explicitly reject the Roman Catholic Church system as a legitimate expression of the Christian church, while acknowledging that multitudes in its orbit can be legitimately born again and even filled to some measure  with the Holy Spirit—however otherwise entrapped under its false spirits. Under the Second Age of Unbelief, the Roman Catholic System mirrors the counterfeit Samaritan faith of the Old Covenant. I welcome fellowship with born-again Catholic believers outside the context of their institutional church to whatever limited degree that may otherwise be possible. My earnest recommendation to any such believer is "Come out of her, my people....



[To prospective Readers Circle members: It's highly unlikely anyone reading these distinctives can fully embrace them all. The issue though is not absolute agreement in every point, but fundamental agreement with the Spirit that has motivated me to these points over the years. So then, if after you have reviewed these distinctives you do not find your points of disagreement fundamentally insurmountable to your spirit, be encouraged to join the Circle!]

(As necessary, I will update and add to this digest.)



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