[When writing for the first time, please tell us that you have read this notice...]


This is a special welcome and advisory to overseas pastors from Africa and Asia who discover First Love Ministry on the web.

I receive many letters of introduction from overseas pastors, especially from Africa, India and the rest of Asia. These letters almost always include a request for immediate union with our ministry, prayer support, financial support, Bibles and materials, and / or a request for us to travel to their nation to hold a conference.

If you are an overseas pastor intending to introduce yourself by such requests, please know as follows:

1. First Love Ministry develops relationship only with those who demonstrate a heart connection to the teachings found here. We do not provide general gospel ministry apart from such an interest. Especially note that I do not reply to "form-filled" letters or letters that do not personally address me.

2. We know the deep needs of the billions in Africa, India and Asia. Our resources are very limited at this time. We do offer prayer support for those closest to us overseas, and also encourage Circle members to pray. We offer material support for those we enter relationship with as God leads and enables. BUT, our experience is that most overseas pastors approach American ministries with a heart that looks to "America" for their provision rather than to the Lord. I personally encourage all pastors seeking material support to begin believing the Lord for their needs within their own national community of faith where it exists--and to become the demonstration of the kingdom in their own land rather than depending on demonstration of it from someone else's land.

3. As the lead teacher at First Love Ministry, I have not yet been released to travel outside North America. I can't hold any overseas conference at this time. Should this change, I will update this page accordingly. Once released, I will prayerfully seek the Lord about which invitations to accept under what conditions. Meanwhile, I encourage you to avail yourself of the teachings that are here to help your people, especially the book, The Transformation and the Anointing.

Thank you for your interest in contacting our ministry. If you understand these conditions and still genuinely desire to become part of the First Love Readers Circle, please write expressing your interest in this ministry, noting that you have read this advisory.

Thank you for your understanding. :)



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Page updated December 6, 2010