June 24, 2016

Yesterday’s British referendum on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (known as “Brexit”) deserves prophetic comment.

The British people have until recently served as the dominant fountainhead of both the natural geo-political and Christian spiritual action in the earth for about the last 500 years of these “times of the Gentiles.” A brief overview of this action is in order to appreciate this.

The earnest development of what is today alternately called “Great Britain” or the “United Kingdom” began about 1000 years ago with the formation of “England” out of the Germanic tribes (Anglo-Saxons) settled there centuries earlier.  In those earliest years, various Roman Catholic missions from mainland Europe had also been established, eventually overtaking the native paganism of the land.

Then 500 years ago, England entered the race to colonize the world (giving birth to the United States of America and the British Empire) and also made a significant break with the Catholic church. That break together with the colonization race opened the door for liberated evangelical Christianity as we know it today (including Pentecostal and prophetic spirituality) to prosper and to follow into all the parts of the world where the colonial trail was being blazed. The spiritual heritage of every reader on this Circle is traced to this dynamic!

Three hundred years ago, England united with its northern neighbor “Scotland” to become “Great Britain.” And 200 years ago, these in turn united with “Ireland” (later only Northern Ireland) to become the “United Kingdom” (or UK).

Out of Great Britain came to be birthed much else that set the pace for the modern times of the Gentiles. The system of parliamentary constitutional law by which virtually all first world nations are today governed came from the British people. And the defense of that system in the theater of global conflict has been maintained by them. (Seventy years ago, the defense of and offense by Britain and its daughter America in World War II secured the viability of this representative system for all other peoples since.)

The eighteenth century Industrial Revolution which has come down to us today as the techno-cyber Age of Information was also birthed in Britain. And most notably, English has come to be the dominant language mediating world politics, commerce, and the global media. We all speak it, including our brethren from India and Africa on this Circle.

These are just for starters. It is very important to note that the British people also served as the host people for securing the land of Israel as the place of return for world Jewry, an act which still remains the chief point of conflict in the world ahead of the Lord’s final manifest return.

(Please note, there is no intent to ascribe any literal connection in bloodlines between Israel and the British people through these observations! We condemn the false carnal genealogical doctrine called “British-Israelism.”)

On the dark side, it is equally important to note that the British people have served as the host to the chief banking centers of the world responsible for the enslavement of all mankind to fiat money systems--systems that broker the human worth value of men back to the people in the form of “credit,” binding their labor under chains of forced social insurance trust funds. (Virtually certainly every reader on this Circle is enslaved under a social insurance number.)

The fiat British Pound and daughter United States Dollar remain the dominant independent currencies of world commerce, hosting the condemned religious and economic Babylonian systems of the Book of Revelation (awaiting an open reuniting with the Vatican to consummate the religious component).  


This overview of the central import of the British people to the modern times of the Gentiles is important to grasping the prophetic significance of what has just occurred in yesterday’s British referendum to leave the European Union.

In the 1970s, in the midst of the Cold War, Europe awakened to developing toward its own commercial and political union of federated states, i.e., toward the forming of a single “European” identity. The people of Britain joined this union in 1972, marking a distinct end to pure British sovereignty, a beginning to regionalized amalgamation with the rest of Europe toward a one world order, and the beginning of the slide to the loss of a distinctly “British” identity.

In the generations since then, Britain’s historic Anglo-Saxon cultural identity and remaining Christian spiritual influences have become increasingly diluted through the forced immigration of other European and third world peoples under the treaties of the union with Europe. (For example, today, Britain is 5% Muslim.)

The society as a whole has also (as in America) abandoned its moorings shaped by Christian consciousness to become secularly atheistic as has happened everywhere else in Europe. This forced “melting pot” effect has been exacerbated by the late Middle Eastern refugee crisis that has made incursion into the east of Europe and Germany.

This is important. We are talking about the gradual dissolution of the premier gentile society of the last half millennium!—changes of such magnitude upon a society so centrally instrumental to the development of gentile history and especially to the spread of the Christian faith as we have known it throughout our generations.

This has to carry great weight in the prophetic annals of heaven as applies to the spreading of the kingdom of God and the fulfillment of prophecy. We know that in the march toward His Dominion, the Lord raises up but then dashes to pieces the dominions of this world. Britain is no exception.

And so, a great shaking has occurred now in Britain that has the sounds of another “shot heard ‘round the world” and which the leader of Britain’s “leave” campaign yesterday called Britain’s own “Independence Day.” This political shaking has also incurred great economic shaking, not only in Britain, but around the world.

Since yesterday, every major currency pair traded on the foreign currency exchange markets (“forex”) has experienced a massive shift in value—the US Dollar, the Euro, the Yen, the Swiss Franc, the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Dollars, and of course the global stock markets. The Brexit vote registered a “7” or “8” on the global economic “Richter scale.”  The British pound lost 10% of its value against the U.S. dollar in just 4 hours to break 30 year lows!

Oh, but what is this? Only slightly more than half the British population voted to leave the union that has been spelling the gradual dissolution of her distinct cultural identity and economic strength over more than 40 years.  However, though that was the overall kingdom-wide vote, on a national basis within the “UK,” both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted soundly to remain in the European Union contrary to the sentiment of England and Wales.

This intra-national divide exacerbates what have been steady recent calls for both Scotland and N. Ireland to exit the United Kingdom! (The Scots just held a 2014 referendum to vote on this, narrowly defeating it, and now will likely vote again.)

This means we are looking at the potential dissolution of the 200 year old United Kingdom and 300 year old Great Britain altogether—what one might call the “balkanization of Britain”! –and again, we are talking about what has been the dominant host Gentile civilization of the last 500 years in the spread of God’s Word and the development of His church.



Where will this all head? I am not here to prognosticate on that. Is this a mere wounding of the head of the European beast? Or will Britain’s exit actually lead to the securing of that beast through a British break up and re-absorption of the remaining pieces into Europe? Will the central Bank of England be willing to lose its power in European affairs because of Brexit? Will it pull other strings to keep its power? Or is this a shift beyond Lucifer’s own power that is in the hands of God?

Again, I am not here to say, except to note that this vote holds the potential to signify God’s acceleration of the complete ending of the times of the Gentiles, the parallel accelerated restoration of the remnant Jewish people back into the tree of completed faith, and thus the dawn of the Age of Mercy upon All out of our unbelief toward the glorified Son of God.

But in light of all these observations, I just want to draw everyone’s attention to the prophetic word from Terry Bennett discussed in 2008. At that time, and reinforced in 2010, Terry reported (and we discussed on this Circle) that the Lord had appointed three sets of seven years that were going to shake the world ahead of the Lord’s final return.

The first seven years, from 2009-2015, were to witness great economic shaking in the world financial systems. We have seen that. The second set of years (2016-2022) were to witness great political shaking in the governmental systems of the nations. I believe we are seeing that now. The final set of years (2023-2029) were to witness the great religious shaking in the belief systems of the world, headed toward the one world religion.

Yesterday’s 2016 Brexit vote indeed witnesses that we have begun to enter that prophesied second period of massive world political shaking. And this is not counting the absolute political circus taking place in the United States with the political civil war and possible extinction of the Republican Party in the shadow of the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia.

I simply submit these big picture things for honing your compass toward where the Lord is taking all of us in the days ahead. With the potential break up of the core of British civilization itself as well as America’s cultural demise, we are seeing the possible end of the dominant people raised of the Lord over five centuries for the mediating of His purposes during these remaining times of Gentiles. This is huge. And if this is so, then we should be looking for new directions for the Father’s exercising of His Kingdom over the generations to come.

We await full manifest sonship and brideship for the church through the “completed number of the gentiles” that includes the complete resurrection and re-joining of natural Israel’s transnational remnant toward new identity in Christ alone.


Be blessed, one and all.

Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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