May 1, 2020

The heart of the prophetic writer is to bring forth into light of day what is hidden from sight. This is especially true in the time of crisis—real or imagined. For in such time, the will of God is to establish stability in His earnest fruit bearing followers. Such stability in turn comes by the unearthing of truth which is not presently seen, but when seen, gives new sense of orientation, direction, purpose, confidence and certitude in the midst of chaos.

Diverse times since all mankind descended into a tailspin over this “covid-19 pandemic,” I have set pen in hand to write what has surfaced from within to offer those waiting on prophetic light. There have been a few bursts of potent thought. Yet each has been quickly upstaged by a sense of incompleteness requiring still more waiting. This tells me the most stable view God has for us to assume is still in development.

So it is, I am setting to write today from an incomplete development of revelation. Yet my heart senses the Lord’s “OK” to do so. Following are just some summary paragraphs of what I have been given to see thus far.


I. Dress Rehearsal for the Great Tribulation

The first revelatory burst pertains to the overwhelming power of fear to seize the world mass consciousness. The Lord has allowed the release of a first global wave of heart-consuming fear to give His people a foretaste of what will characterize the Great Tribulation. It is unlike anything ever experienced in our lifetimes. The source and cause of the current “crisis” is irrelevant. What’s relevant is the perception that, under the power of fear, man is delivered to a state of complete irrationality and action outside of law.

The state of human irrationality means a few things for the people of God. First, it shows us that, in the time of global tribulation, we can’t count on any premeditated plan or line of rational defense, legal or material, to save us. In the Great Tribulation, under sway of global fear, man will be unable to be reasoned with about anything. Therefore, whatever plans believers make that depend on harnessing human systems to their own advantage for preservation will be futile. 

For instance, any and all reliance on constitutional and other legal defenses in courts will have no effect. Similarly, trust in various artifices of money (such as hoarding gold and silver coins) or in harnessing food and energy supply chains by alternative means will avail little or nothing. Access to the sources of supply of all these things will be shut down. All movement will be shut down and otherwise completely monitored.

The corollary meaning of this irrationality is that, in order to find the true means of God’s salvation during the Great Tribulation, God’s people must imperatively be able to hear and obey the voice of the Lord from within the secret place of the heart. This first means we must be practiced and exercised in shutting out the voices of life to get alone with God. Until we first know how to cast out interior fear by hearing God’s inner voice of perfected love, we will not be able to connect to His salvation amid the exterior panic.

God has not yet revealed how He will supernaturally lead His people through the Tribulation. He will not do so until that time. But the capacity to hear and follow that leadership must be developed now. At that time, the Spirit’s leadership will be the only means of safety and provision. And it won’t be based on the human means of self-preservation identified above.

The Spirit will reveal how and where to find supply. The Spirit will also dictate how to respond to irrational man—when to heed man’s orders, and when to disobey them; when to testify to the Name of Jesus, and when to shut up; when to expect deliverance from human tyranny, and when to lay down one’s life at its hands by superior divine ordination. 

But our capacity to tap into that Leadership all depends on—and the only way to truly prepare for the Great Tribulation is—knowing how to get apart with God now free from all outside generated thought. If there is one word of God above any other I am hearing, this is it.     

Jesus said the Great Tribulation will suddenly snap shut on the whole earth like a trap. Until these last weeks, no one could really imagine how easily that could be achieved. Now, we no longer have to imagine or doubt. (And if I were a preterist prophet still denying there is yet to be a “great tribulation,” I would want to seriously start thinking about repenting right about now.)

In a matter of days, governments worldwide proved they could close down all humanity and force their will on it outside of all constitutional law. No overt global threat like the imminence of a nuclear war was even required. All it took was the power of rumor over a previously unseen disease affecting a fraction of one per cent of humanity. That is how powerful the spirit of fear is when released upon the human herd instinct. The power is in the spirit, not in the reality. And that spirit is what will drive the Tribulation.

(The only elements missing from the present scenario that will characterize the Tribulation are 1) global violence through riots, wars, nuclear detonations, and other indiscriminate atrocities (like last week’s massacre in rural Nova Scotia, Canada); 2) forced religious worship of the emergency system and the man heading it;—and 3) the supernatural counterforce of glorified firstfruits believers, angels and spirit awakening that will manifest the next revelation of Christ on the wings of the everlasting gospel, “Fear God and give Him glory, for the hour of His judgment has come….”)

This therefore is the first burst upon my heart these last weeks. Shut down all external voice (stop watching the news, it is killing your spirit capacity to hear God) and get deep with God until His Voice is all you can hear, and every other voice you do hear externally is mediated through His.


II. The War of Identity Liberation

The second developing picture for me out of the “present distress” involves what I will call the “war of identity liberation”—something we have discussed in other terms before, but which comes all the clearer under today’s crisis. The detail of this is too complex for this short article. But we will just outline its basics, packing heavy concepts into few sentences.

All global crisis is ultimately defined by a spiritual war that exists between Christ and satan for possession of a people. Central to this war are the concepts of identity and liberty.

Christ’s objective is to liberate a unique out-called people from slavery to sin by crucifying and replacing their original human identity with a new spiritual one descended and named after Him alone. In this, freedom corresponds to the developing of His Name with its divine truth nature in us—against all originating identity (in Adam) with its attached power of sin in the world. This identity and nature conversion through Christ, not natural human autonomy (liberty), is the true meaning of freedom as God sees it.

Satan’s counter objective is to consummately seal all mankind—already bound under sin (including the mortal church)—under his manifest possession through stamping / implanting / vaccinating his name and nature upon / into man. Achieved by corralling the human herd instinct under fear, the implanting of satan’s name effectively strips man of all natural liberty as an autonomous creation, converting everyone instead into soulless automatons.

This name is referred to in Revelation 13:17 as the “name of the beast.” Most importantly, it is not the actual name “satan” (which is not a name), but the imposition of an artificial NAME of incorporation attached to a number upon every natural man, simultaneously converting man into a commercial commodity. (We began exploring this concept in the unfinished series It’s All in the NAME.) The present crisis has revealed that this name may be implanted by means of global vaccination, in which vaccination is another word for “mark.”

To recap the competing objectives of this war then, Jesus seeks to free a unique people beyond natural liberty under sin (carnal liberty) by “sealing” His name and new nature into them (Rev. 7:3), completely severed from their original adamic identity heritage (Rom. 6:6; Phil. 3:1-11). Satan meanwhile seeks to oppositely strip all mankind—including Christ’s elect—of their natural adamic identity and autonomy, converting us all into techno-commercial automatons under an incorporated numbered name “sealed” by vaccination / mark (Rev. 13).

Having so said, we now come to the central theater of this war, which pertains to satan’s wildly successful strategy against Christ’s people. That strategy is to divert the church from its call to true gospel freedom (i.e, putting on adamic-free identity in Christ alone), to instead answer the adamic “call to freedom” by investing its core spirit energies in propping up natural liberty under sin among the nations (foremostly America). (We discussed this disastrous diversion in our most recent article Freedom from the Idol of Liberty).

Satan has convinced the “uncircumcised” mainstream prophetic intercessory church that its central call is to decree and intercede to preserve the natural autonomous identity of the nations from tyranny, no longer to call men to true freedom through death to natural adamic identity. By such effective diversion, satan successfully continues moving all mankind, including the mainstream church, into commercial automaton status under a corporate numbered name from birth. So have we all been deceived.

The present global distress accents the dire state of this identity war and the general church’s incapacity to effectively stand against the world in the separated name of Jesus alone under the fear of God. The general church does not know its true identity, evades its own identity circumcision from the world, and thus pursues preservation of mortal liberty as an idol, a liberty which cannot be saved outside of crucifixion of adamic identity. Only such crucifixion leads us to the glorious liberty of the sons of God which alone can save us from global enslavement to artificially incorporated vaccinated identity.


In summary, the present crisis has super-charged my awareness of the power of fear that will drive the Great Tribulation, how near and easy it is for that trap to suddenly slam shut on the whole earth, the demand for intense inner hearing of God, and the bold outline of the war of identity liberation that defines our place in the world both now and after the trap permanently shuts under world lockdown. In view of this, my exhortation to the body of Christ is

·        know who you are in Christ alone,

·        know who you no longer are in Adam’s family of world nations,

·        submit unflinchingly to God’s ongoing identity circumcision of soul,

·        awake to the satanic plan for commercialization of your identity as already exists from birth and the consummate goal to force vaccinate you under it,

·        recognize the power of herd fear as the driving spirit of the Tribulation to come,

·        forsake trust in human stratagems of protection and preservation in the day of trouble,

·        spend much time in secret with the Father, shutting out all other voices until you find full deliverance from fear through His infilling love,

·        ask the Father for the Holy Spirit of fearlessness, love, power and sound mindedness,

·        live in a state of prayer by which you may be found worthy of deliverance from or through the Tribulation still to come and

·        set your heart on the prize of the high calling of God in Christ to be harvested and revealed as a son of God together with Him.



All of this said, it is not the final word on where we are immediately. A grand development is ongoing. We have not reached the conclusion. The covid-19 issue will back off while other issues arise to shape the funnel into the trap and help prepare for the firstfruits harvest. As described above, this present global crisis is just a “dress rehearsal.”

Many more things must happen before the consummation, requiring additional time to play out. Israel is not even in global play here, which it must be before we can say we are in sight of the end. The Lord has not revealed everything He has to reveal. And He has other unforeseen powers of Spirit to release that will affect the trajectory of what is still to come. He has saved His best wine for last! That wine will open prison doors to us before and amidst crisis that we can’t yet perceive or imagine.

But we will continue in this spirit of listening and watching and waiting so as to report only what the Lord wishes to reveal and exhort, and not our own speculations. We will keep our eyes out looking for Him and His appearing, not at the “what” of satan’s counter-developments.

Let us all then continue in the place of increasing sensitivity to His Voice. And let us pray for the release of one another from deception, both that of our culture prophetic brethren, and of our own remaining deception under the present world commercial system.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!


Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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