November 2, 2004

So this is Election Day in America. The angst in the prophetic intercessory body of Christ is at its peak over who will be chosen as President—Senator—Congressman…

But there is a far greater choice this day for the Body. Will we serve the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, or will we serve the American kingdom of this world?

The hyped up emails are flying—political beast-worship trash with triple exclamation marks—from intercessory prophetic ministries evoking gut-wrenching worry over George Bush’s re-election. (In case you don’t understand this, worry is worship, and worry over national elections is worship of the beast.)

To everyone so worked up over the re-election of our Christian brother George W. Bush, let me just say this:

George W. Bush has already more than demonstrated his altar of choice. It is not the altar of national repentance before the kingdom of our Lord. It is the altar of American goodness, democratic political power and military supremacy. (Go ahead, read his speeches.)

Is this your altar too?

If you have been called as a watchman to intercede on behalf of George Bush, this is well and good. Proceed with dignity to carry out your mission. If you have been called to vote, do so likewise, knowing who holds the kingdoms of this world in His hand.

But if you believe America’s destiny (or worse—the destiny of the Kingdom of our Lord—) depends on brother Bush’s re-election, and your own fever for his re-election is driving your intercession, then you are deceived. You are worshipping with our brother at a false altar and should question the validity of your commission.

You are worshipping the beast.

Remember this: Babylon’s king of old trusted his political power for his great authority. He failed to recognize that God alone elects the earth’s rulers. For this, he was turned out to eat grass with the beasts.

The intercessory prophets of Babylon’s new king are proving they share that misplaced trust. (In case you don’t understand, our brother George is the de facto King of Babylon [Iraq].)

What then? Will you eat grass with them the next four years? And what will you do then afterward when New York’s Athaliah comes to power? (Oh Yes. Be assured, if you keep worshipping the beast now with George, God will give you Athaliah next. Let the American reader understand.)

Whom will you serve today, prophetic intercessor? Is it the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, or is it the kingdom of the beast?

When the Lord uttered his will for us to bring in his kingdom, it was not in response to the plea, “Teach us how to vote.” It was in response to, “Teach us how to pray.

Our supreme commission is to pray the immortal kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ into power throughout the earth—to utterly replace the mortal voting kingdoms of Canaan. But our Kingdom will not come to power until our People stop worshipping at the political altars of earth’s democratic kingdoms.

But please be forewarned. Should it be our Kingdom comes to power while you are still out serving these other altars, it will be because when the court of heaven sat, you were finally adjudged unworthy—disqualified—from inheritance in our Kingdom—without further notice. You and your “intercession” will go down with the kingdom of the beast. That would be sad indeed.

We will miss you.

Choose carefully this day, prophetic intercessor, whom you will serve. For there is a far greater election being held today. It is that of your own destiny. (This could be your last notice.)

As for me and my house, we elect to serve the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.

Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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