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Hello Chris,  It seems i'm pressed to invite you to a sharing by Terry Bennett:  google: Terry Bennett Dec. 21, 2014:------. Perhaps you have already listened to this message, but I want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Hope all is well with you and your family.    I am expectant of great change this coming year.  Do you have anything more to share with us about this at this time?  We are waiting on the Lord for personal application and instruction in preparing. 

May you be blessed in hearing and sharing as He directs, 


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Hi Jean. Thanks for sharing this. I have listened to it in entirety.

This is about the soundest word I’ve heard coming out of the prophetic community in a really long time. It’s the kind of word we have stood on and advocated for years and years.

As for what I see coming, I see a vision of the collapse of a structure on the left, a greater fortress structure built on the right, and a vale of light in between the two. The collapsing structure on the left is the collapse of the economic and political system as we know it now.

The vale of light between it and the structure on the right pictures the route of deliverance for the Lord’s listening and obedient people coming out of the collapse of the structure on the left.

The structure on the right is the maximum security prison that will replace the collapsed structure and to which everyone will flee for safety who is afraid to follow the light through the vale. 

The two structures on either side of the vale stand similarly to the two walls of water of the Red Sea through which Israel passed to gain freedom.

This picture I am sharing came to me this morning amid the church service I was attending.   Now with listening to Terry’s word, it is very plain to me that all the listening people who will fear the Lord will come out of the collapse to head into the vale toward the light.

Everyone else will head for the maximum security prison. This will be the totality of the rebuild of the New World Order commercial system spoken of in Rev. 13.  That system is already in place, but needs the collapse of the current façade to precipitate its appeal for all to come in under its “peace and safety.”  Many “Christians” will flee to that fortress which they will be prophesying toward in delusion as God’s new system or kingdom or what have you to save His people.  

Terry’s word is basically about the collapse of the present structure on the left.

So let’s keep listening and watching. Again, thanks for sharing this. Last night, I asked the Lord to speak to me in a significant way today, and He has now—twice.



Chris A.  

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