This conversation arises as sequel to the article Testing the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation. For other discussion on this important topic, please see the articles Testing by Trusting: Keys to Testing the Voice of the Lord and Prophetic Words, and this pertinent section from Lest the Elect Should Be Deceived


Hilary Ruto writes today with some questions about testing the spirits unique to what he is seeing in Kenya. Meanwhile, the series on Revelation has also begun inviting comments from strangers to this Circle seeking to introduce me to “beyond the veil” revelations of others past and present—that in turn requires further spirit testing from me with an eye to avoiding distraction. 

I see in this the Lord seeking to dovetail what He is opening up to us in Revelation with the need to test what others are claiming of similar mystical nature. ("Paul I know, and John I know, but who are you.....? ") This means we have to look into all kinds of revelatory claims and come to places of new discernment in how we respond to them. The apocalyptic vision club has lots of competitors.

And so as we peer further and further into the Revelation we know, I am expecting God to give us more advanced discernment for evaluating the revelation of those we don't know as it comes along. This is badly needed, seeing that incursions by others bringing back reports from "the other side" continue to increase. Watch for this in upcoming writings.   

For this moment, let's turn to what Hilary has to say, and I will answer with more on this below....   


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Once again I would like to thank you for this insight given by the Holy Ghost. It is important we test everything by the Spirit of truth dwelling in us in this end times we are living in where issues are very subtle.

Here in Kenya we have a movement whose founder is a prophet who claims to have received a mandate from John the Baptist to preach repentance all over the earth and his ministry is attested by supernatural signs and wonders. This prophet can predict an earthquake happening in any part of the world with accuracy. More on his ministry can be accessed from his website “repentance and holiness.”

Chris my question is, is God beginning to bring the dispensational change you have talked about in other articles including Restoration of mosaic authority? And also shed light on the issue of men of God receiving end time mandates from departed saints like John the Baptist.

Eager to hear from you.

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Thank you for writing, Hilary.

The answer is yes, God is beginning to bring us into the final season for manifesting things I have written about. We are moving into the dawning of stewardship salvation. We are moving into the dawning of the next revelation of Christ. We are moving into the restoration of mosaic authority. We are moving into the dawn of the new Melchizedekian nationhood with kingdom responsibility, and so on. The key word is “dawn.” All these things are in the twilight of the new day. We are seeing the beginnings of the dawn. But the full day is not here. I talk a bit more about the dawning aspect compared to the full day or “sunrise” of Christ’s return here.

About men receiving mandates from departed saints: So, here we are getting into revelations beyond the veil and out of body experiences. The question is, are these possible?

The answer is yes. They are possible. John was taken to heaven and escorted by angels and given a new prophetic commission by the angel in Revelation 10. We also learned that at least some of these angels are really fellow prophets who have gone before us. Paul also mentions meeting some man in an out-of-body experience as best he could tell, though he was not sure if he was out of the body. But in any case, such things are possible. There is precedent in Bible testimony to such things.

But does that mean that any claim to such an encounter is real? The answer is absolutely not. And the reality is that most claims to such encounters are not real. This is where we get into the testing of spirits. Every testimony to cross-veil experiences has to be tested for validity. They have to be measured by a number of things. Let's look at these.

First, cross veil testimonies have to be measured by the spirit of the man making the claim.

What is the life and character and ministry of the man like? Is he reliable and of upright character? Is he humble? Or is he self-aggrandizing and ego driven?

Second, the claim has to be measured against its purpose and effect.

In what way does the claim work to direct people to look to Christ? Is the effect of the claim to cause the people to be in awe of the angel, the departed saint or the man that had the encounter? Or does it put the people in awe of Christ and the Father?

This has to be asked because in all biblical encounters with departed saints, no such saint is specifically named or identified. There is a reason for this. True angel saints function under the same mandate as the Holy Spirit, which is to not bring attention to themselves, but to Christ. They work functionally and discreetly. And then it’s over. They’re gone. You don’t keep hearing from them. The unnamed brother that escorted John on his mystical tour specifically disavowed receiving any glory belonging to God.

So then, what is the purpose for the claim of John the Baptist being the commissioner of prophet David Owuor? Even if it was John, why is it important for the people to know that? Did Christ authorize the use of John’s identity this way? Again, none of this is to say the claim is untrue. But the questions need to be asked in order to test the spirit behind the claim. If there is a reason for naming this departed saint contrary to biblical revelatory pattern, there ought to be an explanation for it. (By the way, the same test ought to have been applied to Todd Bentley and Bob Jones over the angel so-called “Emma” back in the Lakeland Revival days.)

Third, does the teaching or revelation coming out of the cross veil experience support the message of the cross and respect foundational apostolic teaching in the scriptures?

Cross veil revelations always involve knowledge not imparted through the founding apostles and prophets. Therefore that testimony has to be examined for its relationship to the foundation. Is anything being taught that sets itself up on its own foundation as equal or superior in authority to the teaching of the founding apostles? Is anything being taught that contradicts what is taught from the full mind and intent of the first apostles? Is what is being taught also seen in any occultic and cultic philosophies?

All this has to be examined extremely carefully because cross veil revelations and out of body experiences are facilitated by false angels of light through astral projection as well as by God, and I would say, more often by false angels. Lucifer stands just beyond the veil to intercept any entrant from this world, whether or not he is a believer. And because believers on cross-veil missions have not tested the spirits they encounter, they have been led into totally counterfeit holographic realms of spiritual reality from which they bring back their so-called reports on the afterlife….and they don’t even know they’ve been had.

Fourth, what is the authority scope of the claimant and what are his witnesses to that scope of authority?

Is the claimant’s authority scope equal to the authority level of the revelation being transmitted? Is the claimant a verified apostle or prophet(ess) with satisfactory witnesses to that office? Or is the claimant just a private seer or mystic surrounded by a tight coterie of adoring believers?

This is especially important regarding grandiose claims of "global authority" which are generally false. All authority is relational and limited to the scope and depth of relationship one has with those who receive his ministry. Paul for instance only had apostolic authority among the churches he actually founded. Because of this, no apostle has carte blanche "global authority," even if his ministry takes him to many places around the world. Only Jesus has global authority.


These are some key factors by which the spirits of cross veil claimants must be examined. As for prophet David Owuor, from what little I can tell online, he seems to be a man of gentle genuine character in his actual ministering, the miracles appear real and the earthquake predictions true, though I find the sensational character of his website unbecoming to a true and mature prophet. There is of course all kinds of media flare following after him along with a hyped up people, but a man’s own spirit can’t be weighed by the hype accorded to him by the masses. I don’t know anything about his teachings.

In any case, see if you can use these few pointers to help get a better tested sense of where this man stands before the Lord.   
I hope this helps.

Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

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