Here is a useful brief chronology of the Book of Revelation based on the Leland Earls prophecies for anyone interested.  May you all be blessed as we await the Lord’s unfoldings.

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Greetings in the name of our Lord :

I am inquiring of you if Mr. Earls has amongst his prophecies and writings, the Chronological order of the book of Revelation ?

Any help you can provide is very much appreciated.

Thank you and God bless.


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Hello Sonya.

Leland Earls did not publish any chronology of the Book of Revelation. But he does describe a certain order of events throughout the prophecies.  You will have to read through the prophecies to get the sense of that order.  If you read through the Prophecies for Our Time series in the order that I have outlined it on this page, I believe it will help you perceive the order of events.

Hope this helps.


Chris Anderson

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Chris.............thank you so very much for your prompt reply and the info given....Under this series it states that they are arranged in order as found in the book of Revelation.  It is hard for me to decipher the exact order that Revelation is in.  Father has instructed me to put the end times in order ( of the happenings - i. e. when the anti-Christ shows up, earthquakes, seals, false prophet, Gog-Magog war,  etc.)....like a GIANT puzzle, as some is in Daniel and other verses/chapters throughout the Bible.  If I can get the Book of Revelation in Chronological order I believe that the rest will "fit in"....however, that will takes years.....and I do not have years to do so....He has led me to a very few places where I can reap and gain info and J. Leland Earls is one of them.  I started printing the prophecies in 2009 and thus far have printed almost 1,000 pages.....however, I still do not know the EXACT order and I cannot do this project in a haphazard fashion.  If you personally know the answer to this part or could refer me to someone that could help me I will be eternally grateful.  I have to have this information in order to tell others about it as He leads, guides and directs.

Thank you a million times for your time, love and patience.

Blessings to you and your work in His Kingdom...



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Sonya, I was cleaning out emails and found this. Sorry I had not responded.

The Book of Revelation is relatively chronological with some overlaps. The first three chapters have multi layered application both to 7 general church ages ending with Laodicea in the 20th-21st century as well as to the immediate churches in view of that time.

Chapter 4 describes heavenly events that do not correspond to time,

The removing of the seals in chapter 5 begins about the time of the first world war. The sixth seal takes us through to the atomic bomb and the atomic age.

The sealing of the servants, the holding back of the angels in chapter 7 and the silence after the opening of the 7th seal beginning chapter 8 refer to the hold order and comparative lull in world events after the initial detonation of atomic weapons. The last half of chapter 7 projects beyond the tribulation.

The trumpets of chapters 8 and 9 unfold during the last half of the 20th century but find their consummation in the tribulation period, which we suppose to be sometime later in this first half of the 21st century. You will need to read Earls’ series on the trumpets to understand the unfolding and overlapping nature of the events portrayed by the trumpets. The sixth trumpet began to blow in 1979 with the breakup of CENTO and the Iranian revolution.

Chapter 10 is about the prophetic message of preparation during the time occurring during the events of the sixth trumpet. We are in that time now.

Chapters 11-13 portray the tribulation period identified by the full revealing of the worldwide commercial system, the first harvest of saints before it and the casting down of satan from heaven that enables it—all in conjunction with the seventh trumpet. That time is still ahead of us, through the developments are already plainly in sight.

Chapter 14 has three parts. The first part pertains to the ascended first harvest saints already caught up in chapter 12 and first sealed in chapter 7. The second part describes the angelic activity during the tribulation ensuing. The third part reveals the final harvest at the end of the tribulation first projected in the last part of chapter 7.

Chapter 15 belongs to the third part of chapter 14. It shows the newly reaped harvest of saints and the switch out with the angels carrying the wrath vials to finish off the world system (the harvest of destruction).

Chapter 16 outlines the period of the few weeks after the tribulation harvest in which the final destructions are poured out on the world system culminating in the battle of Armageddon.

Chapters 17-18 give an overview of the harlot religious system / commercial system combine in development throughout the times of the gentiles (corresponding to Daniel’s visions) and the church age but focusing on its final manifestation in the tribulation and its destruction afterward under the vials. The fall of Babylon at the heart of the commercial system is often (and I think best) understood as the fall of New York City, the seat of world government, though not limited to that.

Chapter 19 culminates the victory of the Lamb over the fallen commercial/religious combine, backed by the armies of all the translated saints extending back throughout times past.

Chapter 20 presents the thousand year reign following the wrath of God, followed in turn by a several thousand year period culminating in the Gog/Magog war (see Earls on this), concluding with the Great Judgment.

Chapter 21 presents the final presenting of a new earth and heavens to the Lamb’s wife as a universal “wedding present,” culminating all the prior earth history. 

In my view, this is the soundest chronology available by revelation at the present time. All the eschatological passages of Daniel, Jesus, Paul and the Old Testament prophets are embraced by the scope presented in the Book of Revelation and are able to be embraced by it.

I hope this helps you in your Spirit-informed quest to complete a reliable chronology of the end. For the details behind what I have written, you will need to study the Earls prophecies in depth.


Chris Anderson




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