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Morning Chris  

Quick question for clarity sake. You may think is it really lame, and are surprised that I ask.  I ask in part because I have heard the brethren for YEARS use the terms, "covered by the blood" - "Plead the blood", "speak the blood" over folks, etc.  For me, it became a mantra, habit, method for many. My thinking has been for quite some time, if I am IN Christ, I LIVE UNDER the covering of the blood of Jesus when He is the one who I am seeking to live in and for....if I am in rebellion, then yes, I have left the protection of His provision for me. Is this - in a nutshell, what you are meaning?

I guess I have been around so many for so long that were pleading the blood all the time, that it felt more like fear and "covering all the bases" than faith to me, and I always cringed inside.  In Montana, Jerry and I  experienced a rather dramatic occurrence when we took a group of Amish young adults to the west coast. There at an overlook, the wind blew one of the ladies head coverings off and down off the cliff it flew.....!!!!! She literally went hysterical!!!! Ran around frantically holding her HEAD, and covering it with her hands screaming.  We didn't know WHAT in the WORLD  was wrong with her!?!?!?!  A young man got permission to jump over the gate (as the sea lion viewing area was closed to the public) and found her head covering...she settled down quickly. I ask one of them what was wrong???? The demons of hell could get to her if her head was not covered they said!!!! WOW!!! Just a real visual, and I have seen it in some folks that use "pleading the blood"s every time they pray.  I just wanted to be clear.......hope this makes sense dear brother


Lady Joy


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Hi Joy,

The real issue is not the blood but rather demonic consciousness and how we handle it. As we walk through our life in Christ, we encounter heightened demonic consciousness at times through various attacks. When we do this, we have to respond through some form of confession to withstand, overcome and break off the demonic presence. The scripture says that we overcome such attacks “by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.” So giving verbal testimony to the power of the blood of Christ is one way to confront and overcome encounters with the presence of darkness. The same applies to areas of sin in which we are specifically being challenged or accused.

Most of the time however, except for these directed encounters over sin and demonic presence, we are (or should be) walking under the unhindered presence of God. In that setting, the blood is—as you said—an ever present covering that does not need to be repeatedly confessed.

The problem is that some people (many people) never make a stable break through into the abiding presence of God, or if they do, it is the exception, not the rule. Instead they live in a state of fear under consciousness of sin and demonic presence as a rule—which should not be. Their love has not been made perfect and mature. And so because of fear, they are always in a state of confessing something against that dark presence, whether the blood of Christ, or the Name of Jesus, or a faith confession, or whatever.

So it is not a blood issue, but a fear issue. It is necessary to “plead the blood” in direct confrontation of accusation over sin and other demonic encounter. It is a weapon of our warfare. But we should not be pleading the blood as a band aid for covering a constant state of fear. We should be overcoming fear to enter into perfected love and the place of abiding in Christ where we are constantly covered.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks EVER so much Chris!!!! Very good and clear....I LIKE it.  I just had to ask...have a great day!!!!! I do thank you for taking the time to share a tad more.

Lady Joy


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