[The following conversation with a local pastor is in response to a podcast Oct. 5, 2022 by Dutch Sheets titled Fires of Awakening Coming to the East Coast. The pastor had had a previous dream about a destructive tsunami wave coming to our New England area and wanted my opinion of this dream relative to the vision relayed by Dutch Sheets.]


October 8, 2022

John, there are things to say in response to this prophecy of east coast revival, tsunami glory wave, etc. I begin by an overview of the difference between true and false prophecy:

True prophecy is an extension of salvation. True prophecy applies God’s present mind to His ultimate purpose to save human souls from damnation and deliver them from this world’s fleshly affinities and attractions by the cross, replacing that life with the spiritual attraction to Christ alone toward final crossover to glorified immortal life. That is what true prophecy does.

False prophecy does not extend salvation as God defines it, but redefines it to downgrade the cause of deliverance from eternal damnation, ignoring the true goal of eternal glorification, to instead reinforce this world’s fleshly affinities, national causes and personal attractions. Its ultimate goal is to eternally perpetuate what God has said must pass away.

False prophecy diverts the prophetic anointing toward these carnal ends, reinforced by loads of fanciful romantic dreams and visions completely apart from the Word. It uses all the same terms as true prophecy (glory, revival, kingdom, etc.) but is of a spirit of worldly reinforcement and entanglement, not of eternal salvation which lays the ax to the issues and allegiances of this life.

Most mainstream prophecy falls into the latter category, in which preserving America, its human heritage, culture, economy and political structure is seen as God’s ultimate end, rather than the true kingdom of God. Seeing no difference between the two, it venerates American symbols, statues, personages and forefathers to share equal devotion with Jesus in our hearts and minds. And it spins all its dreams and visions from these things.

Dutch Sheets is a forefront carrier of this kind of “prophecy.” He and countless others have been making and promoting prophecies like this for at least 35 years. (All this first started when Pat Robertson ran for president in 1988 at the same time the prophetic movement came to birth. I was there.) This has set up a fruitless cycle in which the more the prophets prophesy, the worse the culture gets, not better. The cycle goes something like this:

Something “bad” comes to the fore. The prophets go on the defense. They come up with a fresh prophecy of American salvation, get excited, pass it on, claiming confirmation from one another’s anointings. But nothing happens.  Then another something culturally bad hits, and he / they get all discouraged. Then they come up with another prophecy, and get all excited, claiming the anointing is all over it.

Then, in the constantly changing warp and woof of things, occasionally something culturally “good” happens (They get a “good” president or supreme court decision). Then they claim it as proof of their accurate prophecies (ignoring all the things that failed), though there is no true sea change in the culture. There is no “revival.” Then the next “bad” thing happens, taking the culture even further down. Their prophecies blow up (aka Trump 2020). Then they get discouraged, go on defense and come out with a new round of prophecies based in more dreams and visions. (But no one ever asks, “Why did our last round of prophecies fail?” In fact, they won’t even admit that they failed, but just claim “God’s timing is just not our timing.”) 

This is the cycle and it just goes on and on. It goes on because the American prophetic is completely deceived about its relationship to this world, and this nation in particular.  It’s the difference between true Elijah-class prophecy and Baal/Jezebel-prophecy. And as I have written elsewhere, a “Mount Carmel” showdown is going to come to the prophetic movement over all this. God is going to work a separation between true remnant prophets who know their life is not defined by this world, and all the baal-class prophets who elevate long-past American heritage and culture on par with Jesus.

If that is understood, then it explains why I say your tsunami dream and the dream Dutch is promoting are not the same. Your dream was of a destructive tidal wave for which the church would not be ready (oblivious people on the beach and out on rafts). That dream is completely consistent with the Word in regard to the end times. The “glory wave” Dutch is promoting is a wave of American culture revivalism, no different from all the same glory wave prophecies he has made and which continue to fail and will fail, because they are contrary to the Word’s verdict pertaining to all nations at the end. That is why I said “more bunk.”

It’s up to you to press into the Lord to see if what I am saying is true or not. But after over half a life time of watching this cycle, I can testify to the accuracy of what I have been led to discern about it. I can talk further on where it is going to go and what actual “revival” will look like, but that is for another time.


Chris Anderson

First Love Ministry
a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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