The GRID, the OFFICE and the TEST


January 4, 2017



Thoughts for today, people: We are heading toward convergence and showdown. The hidden Elijah movement is being prepared amidst the dearth. There will be a confrontation within the church. It will be in the face of the revelation of the cunningly persuasive political man of sin and the lying signs and wonders of his deceived culture-worshiping prophets from within the midst of the jezebel-tolerating "temple."


This confrontation is necessary prelude to the return of the Lord, fulfilling the meaning of the Acts 3 "restoration of all things" even as Elijah restored the broken down altar at this showdown. It will also fulfil the Malachi 3 sudden coming of the Lord to His temple to purge the sons of Levi which no one will be able to stand, in which the Lord will be that swift witness against the sorcerers. This will be the I Peter 4 judgment that begins at the house of God.


The restoration will also coincide with the Romans 8 / Revelation 12 manifestation of the sons of God / manchild for which all creation yearns. And it will also consummately fulfil the Lord's Prayer and Rev. 12:10 declaration of "thy kingdom come." And as a confrontation it will also coincide with the release and outgoing of the Lord's faithful elect remnant people from under the hand of the system of the man of sin / king of Babylon / Pharaoh, also in accord with the Revelation 12 flight into the wilderness. And from here will commence the judgment of the world including the Revelation 11 trampling of the remaining jezebel-tolerating church by the world.   

This is the breathtaking path we're on, friends. This is your grid. (Put it up on your refrigerator!) Regardless of the iterations and shifting personalities in and out of world offices and prophetic church streams, this is the overall track. It is not going to change. It is going to develop. Count on it! And the Lord has made clear to me that until He manifestly comes, I/we are to be intercessorily gearing our hearts toward this necessary restoration. We have been called as colaborers in that restoration. And that means we have to become spiritually educated to these things in our midst. Thus God has brought forth this ministry. Please continue to pray for this ministry!    

[Note:  in the hour it took me to write this response, over 6,000 people perished from the earth worldwide. The greater majority of these went to hell. I can guarantee you none of those people cares about America and Trump and making America great right now. It's time to get our eyes off preserving that which is to pass away, eyes off America, eyes off Trump, eyes off Babylon, eyes off the man of sin, and stand as witness to the priority of the Eternal God and His judgments and salvation before us through the everlasting gospel: "Fear God and give Him glory, .....for the hour of His judgment has come."]



Something I came to more of a clarity on since releasing the article Lest the Elect Should Be Deceived is that in expecting the revelation of the man of sin, we are really beholding the unfolding of an "office" more than that of an individual. There will be an eventual individual around whom much greater signs and wonders will converge who will fulfil that office and for whom the prophets of Baal will all fall and against whom the revealed Elijah company will stand.  


But the point I am seeing is this: It is because we are witnessing the unfolding of an office, as different leaders step into that office, each one manifests key traits associated with the man of sin. Obama has manifested such traits, and many have therefore ascribed to him that office. Trump has manifested such traits and as many others therefore ascribe to him that office.

What I am coming to believe is that it is not the individual so much we need to be looking for, but rather at the continued development of the office as men step in and out of it. This office will continue to develop over time. I do not believe its development is complete and may not be for still some years to come. And though right now the office of the U.S. Presidency has appeared to most lend itself to be that office, this also may shift into the office of the secretary general of the United Nations, the office of the Pope, or even into the convergence of all three into an office never yet seen before in the world. (And would that not be something....) For in all these offices we see the traits of the office of the man of sin poised for development. 


The focus of the Lord's heart in these end times is the Lord's glory and the Lord Himself, not America. The intent of His heart is also to separate out a people to Himself known by no other name but His. America is but a piece of worldly sand in His eyes as are all the nations. The purpose of the Lord through contentious end times issues like this is to sift and prove whether our love and allegiance is to Him, or to a nation, a man, a party, a military. Who are we looking at and who do we glorify.

That sifting is going on in blogs all over the world like this one. For every idle word will each give account. And for that cause as many as He loves He rebukes through the prophets. If we love Him alone, we are His Bride. If we love America and its culture, we are harlots, not disciples. And if we can't handle godly rebuke, we are not his sons. Patriotism blinds to the will of God and crucifies true saviors. May we answer the true separating call that has been issued us in hope of escape and of the translation. Only those praying to be found worthy to escape will escape.


Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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