June 15, 2020

After six weeks since my last commentary on world affairs centered on the COVID Crisis, and now with multiple crises erupting simultaneously in America with ripple effects in other countries, I sense a charge from the Spirit to bring forth further directive understanding for the Lord’s people as to how to view and respond to what is happening.

The theme of the last commentary was the fundamental requirement to deal with fear in advance of the final scenarios that will culminate in the Great Tribulation. This commentary builds from that one.

I am pressed to bring forth two observations. The first is that the Book of Revelation already provides us the truest grid for interpreting what is happening, if anyone will bother to read and believe it. The Church’s first problem is that it is so far removed from the central burden of the gospel and is even further removed from understanding the gospel in terms of the Book of Revelation that it is being set up for slaughter through ignorance. The Church, particularly in America has maintained such a cushy relationship with American society that it is being completely blindsided by the current events—events that completely expose the bankruptcy of its culture-compromised view of its mission in and to the outer society.

The second pressing observation is that the only direction and salvation for the Church from the present situation is able to be found from the inside out of the people. God indeed has a map for direction and a means for salvation from what is happening, but it can only be found on the same terms that the gospel works to save our souls and prepare us for translation—and that is from a place of internal revelation which demands set-apart holy listening and hearing. This echoes the emphasis in the March commentary regarding the need for internal listening and the shutting out of all the noise that stokes the spirit of fear.

Only as God’s people shut down the noise and shut their mouths from open clashes with the world’s news and commentary outlets can the means to salvation be seen and followed. These are the times of Noah, as was promised, and the only salvation in these times is through the building of an interior ark capable of hearing and following only the Lamb withersoever He goes. But right now, most of the Church is deaf to the Lamb’s still small voice because it is too busy trying to “prophetically respond” to all the fires.

Let me then tell you what is going to happen from here, and you decide where you are going to fall in the mix.

Firstly, the world has turned the last corner (or rounded onto the final lap) on the road to the replacement of all its corrupt systems under a state of violent clash with the kingdom of God as outlined in Revelation. The return of Christ—which everyone glibly professes is so “imminent”—occurs under conditions of complete world chaos—not on syrupy terms of benign friendly society-rehabilitating “revival” as most culture prophets and intercessors have been blindly decreeing and praying into being the last 40 years.

The events now occurring are no surprise. If anything is a surprise, it is only that these worldwide impacts have not begun manifesting sooner since World War II left off. But these events have all been prophesied in Revelation and by Jesus Himself—kingdom against kingdom and nation against nation. The Greek word for nation is “ethnos,” the same word from which we derive our word “ethnicity,” meaning “race.” In other words, Jesus predicted massive racial conflict throughout the world as a sign of the end.  The new “George Floyd” crisis and the anarchy erupting out of it is not something to be wondered at.  

Now get this you Americans. America is no exception to any of this. It is not a safe haven from all of this. There will be safe havens throughout the world for God’s people, but they won’t be defined by any political nation, but will be found as swiss cheese, dotting ark-like perimeters and regions throughout all countries. What is happening now in America is the increased fulfilment of the second trumpet as articulated by prophet Leland Earls and found at our website. I exhort every reader to go read that prophetic word now and soak it in.  Here, I just quote this very pertinent section:

But what has America done? She has failed miserably in her stewardship. Therefore she shall be judged severely. And what shall this judgment be? It shall be that which shall arise from within her own borders. Think not that America will escape destruction from without; for many bombs and missiles shall fall upon this land. But the primary judgment upon America will be the turmoil and unrest that will arise from within, plunging that nation into a 'sea' of confusion and strife. For the 'sea' is a type of masses of people in agitation and revolution. Already there are signs of this turmoil and unrest evident in many places and segments of society, for I say to you that the trumpet of judgment has already been blown, and the inevitable falling of this great nation into a sea of revolution is now in its initial stages.

Secondly, God is going to begin sorting out and revealing the ranks of calling to new Exodus-class leadership toward the Church’s deliverance during the time of tribulation. Right now, there is no real visible leadership that answers to the stature of Moses or to Gideon as God prepares to move a readied people into a place of protection amidst what is coming—though stirrings can begin to be seen in certain movements having received divine illumination regarding the actual nature of the “beast” system already engulfing the civilized world.

As tensions rise over the increasing new paranoia-driven “executive order” demands to social conformity eventually leading to the taking of the mark (“Today the mask, tomorrow the vaccine, the next day the mark”), this leadership will be brought to the fore to challenge this societal force. This requires understanding of two broad dynamics that are about to unfold.

The first dynamic is in recognizing the fact that God does have a plan of deliverance for a readied people before, during and throughout the Great Tribulation. It is further in the recognition that not everyone in the Church will be protected for various reasons, some because of carnal unpreparedness, others because they have been specifically called to lay down their lives as a witness to the Lord in course of divine battle with the beast system.

All the nuances along this spectrum of protection are evidenced throughout the book of Revelation, a spectrum that includes those kept from the time of tribulation (3:10), being harvested out in “firstfruits” translation (“rapture”) before the tribulation (12:5; 14:1-5)—to those protected by God in prepared wilderness havens of the earth (11:1; 12:6, 14-16), coming to ripeness of translation at the end of the tribulation (14:14-16; 15:2-4)—to those not protected due to their carnality and so are trampled by world forces (11:2; 13:7), whether sent into concentration camps (13:10a) and/or executed due to their fleshly attempts at self-defense (13:10b)—to those specifically yielding up their lives due to their testimony (11:7; 12:17; 20:4).

The second dynamic is derived from the first. It is in the recognition that God will train a new Church leadership in godly discernment to fight the world system by His divine power who will not fall into the trap of either 1) attempting to fight out of their own carnal wisdom and might of arms (13:10b), or otherwise succumbing to the fear of the “sheeple” that yields unquestioning acquiescence to every demand of government leading to imprisonment in concentration camps (13:10a).

This class of discernment is the same class of discernment that has been required of every judge God ever established over Israel, from Moses to Gideon. Such leaders have had to learn to master the tricky path up the middle between clueless acquiescence and carnal resistance to find the godly empowering mantle to fearlessly confront the world on God’s terms. Such leadership is being prepared now, and you will see them appear shortly. When they appear, the burden will be upon you to obey them if you hope to have any possibility of escaping to the wilderness “on eagle’s wings.” When they say, “Leave the city, now!”—you better not look back, or you too will be captured and turned to a pillar of salt.

This is the sum of what I have been given to advise the Lord’s people in the face of the mounting chaos here and abroad. If you haven’t already, stop following the “news”—including all the so-called “Christian” news which is but a tamer version of the same slop. Get back into your prayer chamber, and start calling on the name of the Lord for His strategic revealing of the sons of God and the Moses-class leadership required to separate and lead His Goshen people through to the final exodus. Start praying now to be found worthy of the firstfruits translation, and otherwise to be found worthy of escape and protection, and otherwise to find the empowerment to answer the call to leadership that actually might require your life be sacrificed to the Lord.

This is the mandate for the present hour.

This has been issued as a directive of the Spirit’s Emergency Broadcast System.

Stay tuned to this station for further announcements.


Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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