Understanding the Three Phases of National Intercession

      [Note: The following article is edited from some dialogue with a member of the First Love Readers Circle. The name and location of the reader has been changed.]


      June 2, 2009

      Well, when it rains, I guess it pours!

      I’ve had a flurry of positive responses to the ministry update sent out June 1. Thanks to all who have written. Some new friends have also joined the Circle as a result. ….

      Intercessory Conflict!

      My comments on the beast system led Mitchell to write about the intercessory conflict his prayer group is experiencing now concerning America. He also forwarded a prophecy from a brother in Texas who had been praying for revival in America but was suddenly shown America’s identity as Babylon ripe for judgment beginning this summer. Mitchell asked my comments on all this, so I’ve forwarding the whole thread to you. It ties together much I’ve written over the years about this conflict. Mitch’s letter and the prophecy from the ministry in Texas appear first; my response follows.


      Blessings to all,

      Chris Anderson   


      ---------- Original Message ----------
      From: Mitchell
      Subject: Your Comments Appreciated
      Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 06:57:15 EDT

      My wife and I lead an intercessory prayer group in the Southwest. We pray as the Lord leads, and many within the group are led to pray for both the local and national government. We hear many prophecies that are being given right now. One group is saying that a great revival will come to America. Another group says that God is going to destroy America. I appreciate your writings on the subject of intercession, as I see us in a desperate situation in this country, but also believe we should stand on the promises of God and plead for mercy.

      I am enclosing an article that a brother from Galveston Texas sent out recently. I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on this article.


      In His Love,



      From: streetscape ministries
      To: undisclosed recipients
      Subject: Fall of Babylon
      Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2009 15:57:04 +0000

           The Lord kept me up most of the night bringing a word for me to share and to share now. Many times I wait until I have prayed over what I hear in my spirit, but I can't wait to send this word out.

           Last night while praying before I went to bed, The Lord gave me a vision that really rattled me.   In the vision I saw this land split into four parts with each one under its own flag.   Each region had terrible destruction and many people were dead.   As I looked over the destruction I was crying and the Lord asked me why are you crying over the fall of Babylon?   As a matter of fact, why have you been praying for the healing of Babylon?   In this vision I didn't have an answer and the Lord opened a scroll and started reading of the indictments against our country, but before each one he clearly called the USA Babylon.

           The list was long and to the point with such points as the killing of the several generations of unborn children.   Beside this charge He added that these babies had been sacrificed to the god of self.  The list also included greed, idolatry, pride, fornication, and many others, so many I could not even read them all.   As I looked at the list of charges I was overwhelmed and broken by the fact that we live everyday in a nation that is so far removed from God and in total opposition to the Kingdom of God, yet we are comfortable here.  We have become just like Lot living in Sodom, the prosperity that the nation offers us have blinded us from the evil that rules this land.  We complain about how bad it is but still stay attached to it with every ounce of strength we have.

            The Lord told me to look at the nation as He sees it, not through my eyes but through His.   I could not look too long before I had to agree and repent of loving Babylon.  Once I repented the Lord told me to prepare for the fall as time is running out.  I must preach the Gospel of The Kingdom not the Gospel of America.  America is already judged, the time of shaking is now and will increase rapidly this summer.  Water shortages and food shortages will become common this summer, as well as fuel shortages.  Civil unrest will become common place in large cities first but will spill over into the rural areas as well.

           Natural disasters will stretch the resources of the nation to the breaking point and the government will use this to take freedom away.  Brothers up north take note, you will see this start to happen quickly.  Please seek the Lord for direction as you are out of time.  The west coast will see this soon as well, please prepare.

           In this vision there was a great wasteland that appeared to be in the center of the nation where everything was wiped out and I saw masses of people wandering without direction.  They were dirty and ragged, almost dead and there was no relief in sight.  Most of you guys reading this think I'm crazy I'm sure, but I must be faithful to share what I'm given to share.

           The Lord told me to cry from the mountain tops to repent and seek the Lord now!!   We don't have anymore time to seek after the things of this world.   He has also given me teaching to prepare people to pass through this time of shaking into the Kingdom and I must be faithful to preach this word anywhere I have an open door.  If you want to hear this word please contact me to set up times and places, but again I must warn you, we are running out of time.  We must stop living like we have all the time in the world.  We must stop crying over the fall of Babylon and press into the Kingdom.

      Darren Smith

      Streetscape Ministries

      One Love
      One God
      One Way


      To: Mitchell

      Sent: 6/2/2009 9:43:27 P.M.
      Subj: Re: Your Comments Appreciated (Darren Smith vision)


      Thanks for writing, Mitch. I hear your heart and understand the intercessory conflict.  Let me speak first to the conflict, then to the article.

      Intercessory Conflict

      The conflict over national intercession falls out over three phases of God’s attitude and purpose. One is of national preservation, two is of national destruction (judgment), and three is of new building of God’s kingdom order. Intercessors have been hearing divergently over these three phases for a long time. All three represent valid phases of God’s purpose. But though all have been valid, there is also divine progression in them requiring discernment of the times and willingness to adjust the burden.

      Specifically, the preservation phase in America is yielding now more fully to the judgment phase. A clear shift toward judgment set in last Fall after Lakeland and the election. It is part of God’s progressive intent. Intercessory burdens need to discern this and flow with it. God’s purpose is not to permanently preserve America, but to establish His permanent earthly kingdom. This requires the eventual judgment and replacement of America. God intends to preserve America only long enough to accomplish His salvation quota here and elsewhere before He removes America and all kingdoms to replace them with His permanent kingdom at Christ’s return.

      - The Meaning of “Revival”

      Where does prayer for revival come in then? Right praying for revival only occurs in understanding the above outline of God’s progression. There is “preservational revival” and there is “new building phase revival.” Preservational revival is the kind of occasional limited revival that occurs in the early and mid-phases of national life. It is the kind of revival almost everyone thinks of from past experience and history. It temporarily improves the culture in process of bringing a new generation to the Lord.

      “New building” revival on the other hand ushers in a change of spiritual ages, and sees an entire changeover of people’s sense of allegiance from this world to the next world, from present identities to kingdom identity as the Lord reveals his manifest kingdom. This kind of revival was seen briefly in Acts 2 at the opening of this age, has not been experienced since, but is about to be again in earnest.

      But few discern this difference. The word “revival” is so generically over-used without definition or discernment of these differing applications. So most intercessors are praying for preservational revival without discerning the times and seasons of God’s purpose toward establishing His permanent kingdom on an entirely different order of revival.

      While there still remains an ever diminishing basis to pray for preservational revival, the real revival God envisions is the new building phase to come out of the destruction of the now impending judgment. As the judgment phase kicks in, revival toward the Lord’s permanent new kingdom will begin to rise, setting the stage for its appearance.

      This is the meaning of revival from God’s point of view wherever it has been prophesied to come. But again, few prophesying “revival” understand or accept this meaning. Almost all believe God is speaking of some kind of preservational revival returning the culture to a past state of improved spiritual well-being.

      Very few prophesying or interceding for revival or about judgment understand this three-phase progression of purpose. This pits “preservationist” intercessors and prophets against “judgmentalist” intercessors and prophets. Interestingly however, experience has repeatedly taught us that neither the words of the preservationists nor those of the judgmentalists comes to fulfillment as expected.

      While the preservationists never see the cultural return to righteousness they long for, the judgmentalists rarely see the fulfillments of their predictions in the time frames they predict. There is always a delay and often a commutation of the prediction. We are in a “gray” time (“neither day nor night”) between preservation moving into judgment. But the shift is now more fully toward judgment than it has ever been. (I’ve covered the gist of all I’ve said above in the articles “Election Reflection” and “Intercession So As By Fire” which you may want to go back and re-read.)

      Fall of Babylon Article

      This brings me to your Babylon / America vision by Darren Smith. It lines up perfectly with my article Intercession So As By Fire where I describe current preservational intercession for America as “weeping for Saul,” which is what Darren essentially confesses to have been doing when the Lord spoke to him.

      Let’s look a moment at the Babylon concept. I’ve covered America’s relationship to Babylon in Part II of The Body and the Beast, and in Parts II & III of Unmasking the Beast of World Democracy. Please read these again. They explain the true nature of America as a human beast nation answering to the Biblical description of end time Babylon.

      America’s identity as the biblical end time Babylon has been increasing in prophetic awareness the last 40 years. In 1974, the Lord gave a vision to a doctor friend of mine identifying in scriptural detail America as Babylon and America’s last president as the man of sin. At that time it was a radically unorthodox and highly ridiculed concept. In the mid 1980’s David Wilkerson began speaking of America as end time Babylon. And since the 1990’s this identity has become commonly understood and accepted (at least throughout the wilderness).

      Most Christians are unaware of America’s roots in Freemasonry, a mystical religion derived from various ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Islamic and other mythologies mingled with the Bible. Most of America’s founders were Freemasons, as was George Washington and as have been numerous presidents since. The city of Washington D.C. was built around designs of Masonic symbols. And the Freemasonic religion played a large part in the consciousness of early American history. This history is what provides the spiritual basis for America’s identity as Babylon.

      What we are seeing now in America is simply the harvested results of the Freemasonic / Babylonian religious seed sown into America’s founding. The entire concept of a pluralistic people believing in a general “God” of whatever flavor and bound together for the ultimate happiness and well being of men is the essence of Freemasonry doctrine.

      Ultimately however, Freemasonry in its highest hidden degrees is Luciferian and antichrist. And that corresponds to the latter end of America’s religion, which is what we are now witnessing. The benign mask is coming off the animal as we see its true hostility toward our God come out of the closet.

      America’s intercessors, however, are duped by their natural knowledge of the godly Christian influence God’s people also sowed into the early America. By this knowledge they keep forgetting we are not of this world nor of the nations of this world, including America. This blurring of identities blinds us to God’s plan in the phases I described above, causing us to pray for the reinforcement and everlasting preservation of something God does not believe in.

      America is neither the church nor God’s chosen people. America is the world, and must be seen as God sees it, however blessed and useful it has been before as an instrument in God’s purposes under the “Cyrus Anointing.” God’s plan is still to replace it.

      Here are just a couple other comments on Darren’s vision:

      1. Darren mentions seeing America divided into four parts. This is interesting because in the master plan of the New World Order, America is to be divided up. You can find more about this in Norm Franz’s book Money & Wealth in the New Millennium. (Norm is a Messianic prophetic economist. I highly recommend his book for anyone wanting to understand the economic plan leading to the final beast system.)

      2. Darren mentions shortages this “summer” (2009) and also predicts civil unrest, natural disasters and America’s center as a wasteland. The impression left is that all this will occur this summer. But I want to note regarding judgment prophecies that interpretations of time periods are always suspect. While I don’t discount their possibility, I also do not allow my course of action to be determined by them, simply because their fulfillments rarely prove dependable.

      Part of the problem is that, like Old Testament prophecies, different phrases in modern prophecies may have fulfillments in different time periods. So even if some things begin to happen this summer, it doesn’t mean everything seen in this prophecy will happen this summer or even this year—maybe not for five or ten years. Responses to prophecies like this need to be walked out very carefully. I have made similar comments regarding the Wilkerson prophecy that came out early this year.

      I hope this commentary helps bring light to your questions. Please feel free to share it with your group. Because of the substance of all this, I would like to share it with the whole First Love Readers Circle as well.

      Many blessings, Mitch. Thanks again for writing. Stay alert!

      Chris Anderson

      New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

       First Love Ministry
          - a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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