The Untold Story of Mercy Through Judgment 

October 2, 2017

As I am sitting here in the Spirit just hours since this event, I am prompted to put out the following to all on this Circle. Please forward to any as you deem fit.


One message resonates from what has occurred in Las Vegas overnight. It is a message commanding to attention for any and all with ears to hear it. The message is that judgment is sooner and nearer than all realize, that everyone is in imminent position of crossing the portal of death to stand before his maker (you may be next), where all accounting for one's life--his every thought, word and action--will be due, and that there is to be no delay in seeking and finding the mercy of God through Christ with all of one's heart.


"Urgency" is the word of the hour, and it is upon the lips of the angels who oversee all of earth's affairs, and who take their commands for protection or release from protection directly from the throne of God. Last night, an order for release from protection was given from the Throne.  Further releases are set to be ordered. The patience of God is now reaching the broad zone of its outer limits, upon the world in general, but upon the American culture in particular. This patience has already been extended far more than all but the truest prophets realize, a patience that has otherwise been interpreted an masse as a permissiveness and entitlement to men to live and act however they please without price. 


A beloved passage says "mercy triumphs against judgment." However there is no triumph where mercy is a mere front for unrepentant self-centered, self-righteous claim to favor, ease and pleasure from God. Before mercy triumphs over judgment, it must first triumph through judgment. This is the untold story of mercy. The final judgment upon a few is actually a word of mercy to the many. Mercy warns in order to prevent greater and final judgment and to stir to the desperation of heart necessary to find God. This is the lesson of the fallen tower of Siloam. The death of eighteen was a warning of mercy to all the rest: "Unless you repent, you shall all likewise perish" (said the Savior from judgment.) 


See, the only definition of mercy that matters is God's. To God, mercy is defined as the opportunity to repent before it is too late. Mercy is defined in the shadow of judgment, and only there. Mercy exists only because judgment exists. Without the certainty of judgment, there is no such thing as mercy. Mercy has no meaning. True mercy fundamentally recognizes that judgment, not love, is the ultimate force to be reckoned with for those who remain unreconciled to God. Mercy and love take their contexts from that force. As love is to a standard, so is mercy.


So it is God's final judgment upon a few becomes the word of mercy to the many. There is still time to repent. There is still time to ask, seek and knock to have opened the mercy of God through Christ before it is too late. If you have heard the word of Christ's salvation, but have delayed in submitting to it, the word of mercy is submit to it now. You have been warned, and you still have opportunity. You may be next to appear before the eternal Judge of all men sooner than you think. That is the word of mercy.


The word of mercy is only for the reachable. It is only for those who the Father knows will be able to make the response necessary to it. For all the rest, the word is a hardener upon the incorrigible. It is a cementer of fate ahead of its time. The incorrigible define mercy as the denial of judgment and reject the merciful word of warning as being judgment. Mercy warns. The incorrigible say, "Stop judging us." It is already too late for them. 


But for those for whom it is not too late, the word of mercy through judgment blares as an angelic trumpet loud and clear--"fear God and give Him glory, for the hour of His judgment is come," that by the heeding of such merciful warning, these hearers may then find the real "triumph over judgment." It is the triumph of repentance that saves from deserved judgment. No sense of selfish self-righteous entitlement here associated with this mercy; only desperate thankfulness that it was not too late for the one saved.


So if you are truly prophetic, and you want the true word of mercy from heaven to give to all who inquire, "Why was this allowed to happen? What does this mean? I'm scared," this is the word. The word of mercy through limited judgment is as true now as it was when first given through Christ Himself. It hasn't changed. It remains the same to all generations unto the final day of judgment, whose first rays we have begun to witness. 


Today this word is particularly for those who walk the wicked Strip of Las Vegas. The closer to the scene of judgment, the stronger the word to the environs. The more remote the scene of judgment, the weaker the word. For this cause, the releases of limited judgment from the Throne are now set to appear in all various places, without pattern or predictability, in order to bring about complete national and international alerting. But if you find yourself in proximity of such a judgment release location, then you will be ready with this word of merciful warning. The Lord is seeking to alert and to stir to the desperation necessary to true salvation. That is the untold story of the mercy of God.


Ponder this going forward as you become witness to further releases of hold orders from the Throne.


To everyone's edification,


Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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