Sequel to “Don’t Believe a Word of It 

April 9, 2017

There is much to ponder of late in light of recent national and world events. I would like to comment here under the Spirit's leading, hoping to impart some gifting for the edification of all.

Out of all the reporting I have heard these last weeks on the many events and issues since the Trump administration took office, up to and including this week's unexpected missile attack in Syria, there is one overriding impression I continue to receive from the Spirit of the Lord. This impression stems back to a word I was given last November during the election campaign entitled "Don't Believe a Word of It." That word was with reference to all the political prophesying going on over the election.


The Lord continues to impress me with the wider urging that nothing we are hearing from any news source outside of the confirming sense of the Holy Spirit Himself is to be believed at face value for what is reported. Nothing. This extended urging regarding that original word became confirmed when the news sources themselves shortly thereafter began coining the term "fake news" to describe the reporting of one another. 


We are entering a time when the only way to ascertain truth about broadscale current human events is to cultivate a spiritual hearing of the Lord Himself in the innermost secret place, away from all the noise and action of the cultural platforms of communication. We are to take all of our belief and action from what we hear in that place alone. And unless we hear the Lord specifically affirming anything that is being spoken "out there" by anyone over the airwaves, Christian or not, we are to put no stock in it whatsoever. The only way to see truth in this hour regarding human events is to not believe what is being spoken at large. To twist a popular saying, "Not believing is seeing." 


This is important to understand, because the reason for the great cacophony now engulfing what is called "the news" is because the Lord has come to bring judgment on the communications of Babylon once again. Babel, or Babylon, means confusion. If you listen to all that is being said and reported across all airwaves and media, all that can be heard is conflicting "cross talk." There is mass pandemonium across what has been historically called "the media." Multiple narratives all with warring agendas seek to dominate and capture the hearts and minds of the hearers. Hardly do two stories line up about anything. And if you choose to believe any of these narratives without any confirmatory shielding and proving from within the Holy Place, you will be dragged into the morass of conflict like a poison gas cloud and will drink of its consequences, without protection from the Spirit of the Lord. We should realize that it is in fact this caliber of culture wide vocal conflict which when completely unleashed, will erupt into the massive wars prophesied of the end times. Right now, it is only the withholding agency of angels that is preventing this intra and international cross talk from spilling over into catastrophic civil war and international conflict.


I have urged prophetic people at large to stop listening to news, that is, to stop "drinking" in the news so as to draw conclusions and begin taking up causes and actions based on it. News should only be observed from a healthy spirit's "arms length" where the heart is shielded from buying into anything that is being proclaimed. Again, this is important. Not believing is the only way to see. If we are to have the Lord's vision and sight on matters, we have to take ourselves outside the atmosphere of the gas cloud that passes for what is called news. We must stop believing the talking heads. They all know nothing of the ways of the Lord and of what is really in control of the events over which they opine. We have to get away from this altogether if we are going to hear the clear word of salvation when everything finally "hits the fan."


There has never been a time like this before, when so much unbridled talk can be so expressed in every place at every time such that there is little place of escape. Televisions, computer screens and smart phones are blaring this stuff worldwide 24 hours a day. There is no respite unless you know how to turn it all off to get away with the Lord by His Spirit. Heaven help the man who claims to be a "believer" in Jesus and has no meaningful prayer life. I really mean that. Again, we are reaching a time when prayer is not merely a "spiritually good thing to practice." Closeted prayer coupled with prophetic hearing and comprehension is an absolute necessity to any "believer" who hopes to make it through the end times alive. These times are for keeps. The stakes are exceedingly high--to the individual, the family and the church. 


For this reason, I have been given no particular "issue" within the news stream of consciousness to comment on today. I have nothing to say about Trump or any of his policies or any of the specifc issues swirling about Washington, D.C. or anywhere else. I have nothing to say about the Russians or the Syrian strike or the conflicts there, nor over any of the acts of terrorism in any of the other countries lately appearing. All of these things are really summed in the Lord's phrase "you will hear of wars and rumors of wars," in regard to which He also said, "see that you be not soon shaken of mind." That's it. That's the point here. The only way to not be shaken, is to get out of the cauldron called "the news."


We are reminded that the scripture says, "all things that can be shaken will be shaken so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain." The mass confusion of Babylon is really the shaking of the Lord Himself amidst a people delivered to judgment already who have refused to receive His Counsel and submit to His Word over several generations. This nation and the nations have rejected His Word. And now all of their words are being herded together into the cacophonous pot of judgment. That is what you are hearing on the "nightly news." And in not long to come, the kettle of verbal conflict will erupt into open warfare within and across the nations.


If you can perceive what the Lord is saying now about this, you still have time to prepare in getting away with the Lord, turning off all the noise, shut off the computer, turn off the cell phone. And seek the Lord. So that when actions must next be taken due to the civil eruptions, you will have the ears to hear what the Spirit alone is telling you to do to lead you to salvation. In the past, as believers we had the luxury of alternately drinking in the news and getting apart with the Lord without much consequence. The electronic word was not so universal that you could not fairly easily separate out the two. 


But that is no longer the case. Everywhere you go now, you are bombarded, especially if you have a smartphone. And so believers are increasing in perplexity over all that is happening, without really understanding why. It is time to understand that we can only receive our truth from one source, not two. You cannot receive your truth from the Lord and from Fox News (or whatever news outlet you prefer). Nor can you receive it from the Lord and Charisma Magazine (or whatever Christian outlet your prefer.) You will become increasingly lost if you try to combine your hearing of the Lord with the absorbing of the unanointed self-proclamatory conflictory voices of men.


To conclude once again, not believing is seeing. The less you believe about what you hear from the outside, and the more you listen only to the still small voice of the Father in the secret place from the Word of God, the more you will see the truth, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Please continue to pray for this ministry, its direction and support. 


With love to all our Readers in the faith,


Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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