June 24, 2022


Some years ago I posted a commentary on a prophetic dream received by one of my good Canadian friends entitled "Will There Be Two Americas?" That dream and its commentary provide a circumspect platform for judging the true consequences of today's U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn the federal "right" to abortion.

Many believers have prayed for many years for this to happen. And today therefore many earnest saints are cheering what they perceive to be a "spiritual victory in the nation."  This, they surmise, could be the first of many other evil dominoes to fall that could restore America to the Christian faith "it once had."

The Spirit of Truth and of real discernment would beg to differ with this view as extremely superficial and short-sighted. The reality is that first of all, assuming spiritual restoration (as the restorationists imagine it) were indeed possible to this nation as a whole, no Supreme Court decision could implement that, nor could anyone in any political office do so. No spiritual restoration has ever come about as a result of a political decision by men. Therefore, today's decision does not hail evidence of a spiritual awakening. 

Secondly, today's decision did not actually champion the right to life. It simply passed the hot potato of an evil moral question back to 50 states to decide for themselves. Pre-born babies in Babylon, New York and other openly pro-death culture states gained nothing by today's decision. They will still die. Today's decision simply allows other states to create laws against an evil practice. But outlawing an evil practice in and of itself does not equate to spiritual restoration. Would anyone suggest that returning America to the year 1972 with respect to abortion indicates a return to a spiritual nation?

(Were you alive in 1972? I was, and I was battling spiritual evil then as now. The sex revolution and anarchy revolutions and social rebellion revolutions were well on their way and into their prime. True, so was the "Jesus Revolution"—which did nothing to stop the other revolutions. So maybe more people went to church, yes, that's true. And most were still as asleep then as they are now. Is going back to that "restoration"?)

What then does this decision today really signal? It does not signal a return to a spiritual nation. What it signals is the permission for the nation to divide and officially go to war with itself. It signals the onset of civil war which will indeed mark out "two Americas." It will result in weakening the nation as a whole through inter-state social conflict that will invite the hidden global tyrannical powers to step in to quell riots and clamp controls down as never before.

And it will result in the increasing expulsion of God's obedient remnant people out from the culture toward a persecuted yet protected parallel society, to some degree underground. That parallel believing society will find God's grace and favor under pressure toward final harvest while the overall culture comes to its full harvest of iniquity to destruction. This is after all spelled out already in the Book of Revelation. It doesn't take some Elijah List prophet with some "word" to perceive this.

It will then be under these more pressured scenarios that we will see awakening among remnants of those who are to become identified as God's holy people. Their eye will come off of saving America to instead enter the real kingdom of God. Blinders will come off many eyes for the first time. There will be a new revelation of Christ. Many who have never heard of God before will come into the kingdom under this new revelation which calls out, "Fear God and give Him glory, for the hour of His judgment has come. Worship Him who made the heavens and the earth, the seas and the springs of water."

Inside that revelation will be realized everything of restoration that has otherwise been mis-envisioned toward reversing the clock on this massive carnal nation whose interior spiritual rot and free-masonic/ babylonian idolatry have finally come to define it for what it is—the last of the great gentile nations concluding the times of gentiles.

For those who really know God, these things are not a cause for alarm. They are a cause for expectancy at a new level. For we will receive new revelation and spiritual power at a level never before realized, even as we approach the threshold of immortality. (That's what I am seeking for! - Rom. 2:7). The cloud and pillar of fire will be more evident and defined than ever before. We will really meet with our God. 

Therefore let this reality check on what to expect out of this major national decision today be an encouragement, and to re-tool prophetic vision where necessary. (Calling any and all culture prophets to wake up from dreaming! There is still time to repent, even if just a little.)

Blessings to all you watching saints. Looking forward to meeting with many of you some day.


Chris Anderson

First Love Ministry
a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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