April 24, 2013

I sense the need to write though I feel unprepared. Sometimes the pressures of the immediate burden put one at bay from delivering the spiritual impartation to the people in range of one’s voice. The people who follow these writings are a unique, dedicated lot constantly hungry for more of the Lord amidst the dark. And so let me just say something to that in general.


We have two situations going on simultaneously. The darkness is increasing and is the most obvious. Revelation 9 tells us of the smoke let out of the abyss to cover the earth. Well, it is doing so, and has been throughout the last couple of generations. The airways are filled with the “news” whose voices are prime carriers of the darkness. It is virtually worthless to listen or watch “news” anymore. The major outlets are already bought and paid for by the same forces that are smothering the nations in commercial lawlessness toward a police state. They are propagandic aiders and abetters of the increasingly clear collusion between the financial cartels, the “justice” systems, the apparent “governments,” and the “law enforcement” branches with their staged “terror attacks” to erase what yet remains of apparent liberty and foreclose on the world’s peoples in total tyranny. Not a pretty picture.


At the same time however, there is a people of light—a people of truth—to whom the Lord is unveiling more of Himself and of His purposes hidden beneath the darkness. This unveiling belongs to those who love the truth and are being led to liberty, even the glorious liberty of the manifest sons of God. It is paradoxically true, though unapparent.  The outwardly visible is what most easily and naturally screams out to arrest our attention. But the inner light is nevertheless there—one might almost say like the light hidden within Gideon’s pitchers until the assigned moment when the pitchers are broken at the blast of the trumpet, and the remnant army descends with its Spirit-blazing torches on an unsuspecting enemy smug in its darkness. I think the kingdom of darkness knows that, even in the dark, something is up, something doesn’t smell right, and they are dreaming about their own demise in their tents.


Jesus said if we would know the truth, we would be made free. Oppositely, Paul said that those who hate truth will be deceived to embrace the darkness that will destroy them under tyranny of the wicked one. So the world at large is progressing toward total tyranny—as it was predicted that it would. Yet the army of the Lord is progressing toward total liberty and ultimate liberation of the earth itself, even though it remains under cover of the ubiquitous present darkness. The Lord knows how to break open pitchers to attack at night, to win wars in the night and to totally scatter and destroy armies under the cover of night. The Lord is a night warrior. Remember that the Passover leading to emancipation was at night, and that under the great cover of Egyptian darkness, the Israelites nevertheless had light in all their dwellings.


So we should not lose hope because of the fact of the darkness. We still have the light within us, and our light will soon be released at the sound of a trumpet and the breaking of our pitchers.


Prophetically what time is it for, then?


It is not a time to be whistling prophetic “Dixie” in the dark (as if it weren’t dark.).

Nor is it time to be “wishing for the day,” (that is to say, a return to “better days.”)  

No, the bridegroom comes at night after all. Do you want the bridegroom or do you want the day?


So what time is it for, then? It is time to trim those lamps. It is time to prepare to have your pitcher broken in anticipation of an unsuspected night attack. It is time to prepare to get up and leave with haste as the Lord opens the way to freedom at the midnight hour.


We are in the night season. But we are not of the night season as so many. We are in the world, but we are not of the world, though so many cannot tell it. Nobody can tell we even have light. That’s allright. The time for the breaking of our pitcher is still at hand. Think not we are unfaithful somehow because we are not out there lifting our voice in the street like the old time evangelist. Don’t compare yourself to the church under past daylight conditions. Don’t wonder why we aren’t doing more to “get out there” and “change the world.” Know what time it is. We’re not called to act as if it were still daytime.


Please pray for me as I am presently deeply involved in engaging the commercial system at its roots to explore its interior operations. The Lord has solutions to reveal that can only come about by this exploration. It is like exploring the interior of the borg cube (for those who remember the now distant Star Trek TNG series.) I seem to be divinely consigned to having to work the coal mines in the graveyard shift—or should I say, the gold mines? Gold is only found underground. So that’s where I am at present. But do pray, please. It is dangerous work.


Hopefully I will surface again soon with more gold for you.

Chris Anderson

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship




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