July 5, 2017

Today's update is very off the cuff as I wish to share with all just a bit of what has been going down behind the scenes here at First Love Ministry...

As everyone on the Circle is aware, we started a series a few weeks ago about the end time contest between the name of Jesus sealed on the foreheads of God's people vs. the name of the commercial corporate beast to be sealed on the foreheads of the world's people. This intensive series has begun plumbing the depths of the nature behind that commercial name and the previously unrealized ways in which all the world (including us) has been in preparation for being branded with it over many generations.

There is still much more to come on this. We will also be discussing the "image" of the beast, getting a glimpse into the various dimensions that John's vision of the "image" has been coming to pass in these latest times. From clothing logos to physical tattoos, many of us already wear numerous images of corporate commercialism without second thought, as we are becoming subconsciously conditioned for the ultimate branding.  

But in course of this, the Lord has been impressing me even further about the exceeding significance of the holiness of His Name as it relates to our real salvation out from the bloodlines of the world's peoples, which in turn relates to the larger end time naming conflict we've started writing about. This has ensued in the beginning of a new article called The Gospel of Identity Severance which I can hardly wait to bring forth. Leviticus 20:24, 26 is key to this instruction and I invite you to go read it in advance.

We will discover how failure to undergo identity severance at the base of salvation is responsible for every corruption of our salvation in terms of our relationship to the world and its culture, especially so in the prophetic / intercessory movement. Moreover, we will see how the power of the holiness of the Lord's Name lies not only at the root of our salvation, but at the root of His Kingdom spread.

Go back and read the Lord's prayer to see on what requisite platform is built the prayer "thy kingdom come." For that is where the kingdom starts and is at the heart of the meaning of its spread in this absolutely unholy world. (You have more power than you realize to spread the real kingdom and take on this world's worst sins around you just by confessing and living out of the holiness of the Lord's name at the root of your salvation. See what God will do!)

Now today yet further revelation has been pouring out on the relationship of the holiness of the Lord's name to our very provision. For the Lord would have us to know that the connection between HIS Name on our foreheads and HIS provision via HIS economy of faith is directly inversely proportional to maintaining commercial provision in this world by subjection to the commercial name of the beast. Really! If we will get into HIS Name, we will see unfold all the provision we need outside and apart from dependence on the world's commercial debt system. This is all to develop and still to come.   


The reason I am packing all this into this short update is simply because I don't know how far how fast I am going to be able to get given the speed and intensity of release the Lord is bringing forth. If for any reason I were not to write another word on any of this, I want you to have the seed kernels the Lord is giving me so your spirit can run with it. 

In all of this, I really more than anything desire your prayers for this ministry. We have been appointed to bring forth things that are hard to find anywhere in the public prophetic realm, yet which are vital to all of our passing through these times in the unfolding of the Lord's developments to us and the effective building on all that has already been laid for us by those of generations past. "We are entered into their labors."

Would you please pray and ask the Lord for the facility and time and prioritization relative to all other life obligations to articulate everything He wants brought forth. That includes prayer for the continued assembling of past teachings and some treatises still needing to be released. Our time as mortals is short on the earth, and our natural capabilities limited for expressing all that the Lord wants to express. But He wants you to have it. And that is the call that is upon us. 

Thank you again for your continued support as a Circle. We value each one's support in the Spirit, as we also desire to be for you.

Love in the faith,


Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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