Turning Point or Point of No Return?


July 28, 2022

[The following commentary follows on events held this past week by American conservative political and prophetic gatherings on the theme ofTurning Point” and “Turnaround.” The first is the political gathering at Tampa led by Charlie Kirk featuring Donald Trump. The other is the prophetic gathering held at Faneuil Hall, Boston led by Jon Hamill featuring Dutch Sheets.]

The purpose of prophecy is to expound upon spiritual salvation. Prophecy is an extension of salvation. Whatever comes forth that reaffirms the gospel of the crucified and risen Christ is true prophecy. Whatever comes forth purposed, not to advance that gospel, but rather the cultures of this world, is false prophecy. This is true even if the prophecy is anointed and attended by signs and wonders of apparently supernatural coincidences.

Balaam was an anointed prophet who spoke directly with God. Yet he was a cursed man ordained to death by the God with whom he spoke. His anointing neither verified his standing in truth nor could protect him from divine punishment. The anointing is corruptible (“the light within you [may] be darkness” said Jesus), and those who climb the Spirit’s heights are the more prone to deception if their own identity and soul life have not first been crucified to this world.

Further, modern prophecy is subject to biblical prophecy. Biblical prophecy, which is centered on the issue of spiritual salvation, outlines the progression of the world, its nations and cultures vis-à-vis the return of Christ and the establishment of His manifest kingdom through fully redeemed immortals. That progression is not one of cultural conversion and sanctification, but of intensified international perversion and wickedness in defiance of that salvation and of Christ’s Return. In this, Bible prophecy makes no distinction between the nations, but embraces all the nations within its negative outlook.

By contrast, biblical prophecy outlines the harvest of a redeemed people from out of all nations, their works, their ways, their cultures, all of which are to be destroyed and replaced, none of which have “most favored nation status” with God. Biblical prophecy outlines no such thing as “national salvation”—not until Christ’s actual return to stave off the final annihilation of national Israel. In the end, and until the Lord’s coming, the Revelation of Jesus Christ reduces all to a contest between the redeemed and the world. In that reduction, all nations fall on the side of the world, none on the side of the redeemed or of Christ’s kingdom.   

The evil progression of all nations unto the Lord’s return is intrinsic to the heart of man which composes all nations. That progression is sure because as Daniel has already said, the nations have but a limited season to dominate human history. Their dominance is not by the Spirit, but by the flesh, however ordained by the Spirit. The end of their dominion (i.e., of their “times”) via intra-national and international debauchery and conflict coincides with the Lord’s return—an end prophesied to be ignominious.

Thus it is from among all nations that God’s people are distinguished and separated unto Him, found in opposition to all the nations, even as the evil of the nations comes to its harvest, parallel to the harvest of the redeemed to glorified immortality from out of the midst of all nations.


America’s Prophetic in Light of the Apostles’ Prophetic

The foregoing biblically-grounded outline shines true light on the real nature of the mainstream American prophetic movement’s ceaseless attempts to prophesy the salvation of the American nation and its culture. Consider please:

The American prophetic is not grounded in the premier purpose to expound and extend God’s eternal salvation to men. With few exceptions (such as Mario Murillo or Paul Keith Davis), the American prophetic does not preach the gospel anymore or teach on sanctification, and has virtually no vision for preparing to enter into glorification.

Instead, the movement is centrally devoted to endlessly preserving earthbound American nationhood with all its corrupt flesh-built and run institutions. It essentially believes America is the center of God’s kingdom on earth—that one’s relationship to the kingdom depends on his participation in saving America, and that the fate of the kingdom on earth depends on America’s fate.

Does this mean the American prophetic movement is not anointed? No, not at all. It is heavily anointed—but diverted. It produces or at least proffers what it considers to be many signs of its accuracy, despite the glaring failures of many or most of its predictions, and the ongoing grind of gentile history which mocks those signs and is unmoved by all its decrees, declarations and intercessions.    

Instead of submitting and conforming to the prophetic testimony already established for thousands of years, the modern American prophetic has created its own version of spiritual history by crafting together select isolated historic American events (ignoring the innumerable non-fitting events) to proclaim that America is a nation uniquely covenanted to God on par with Israel.

This imagined national covenant forms the basis of everything the American prophetic lives for oppositely to the framework already given us by Jesus and the apostles. A fairytale woven on the strands of uncrucified national identity, pride and idolatry, this core belief is attended by romantic myths built around dubious historical and present signs and wonders (whether they really happened or not doesn’t matter). Dreams and visions abound. And so does the balaamic deceit underlying the whole. Yes, it is quite anointed—but by what?

The American prophetic has become the “Prophetic Right” in alignment with the “political right” of the nation steeped in its own stew of corruption. This is nothing new as it has been in full force since Pat Robertson’s run for president (1988). The prophetic right has joined forces with the political right, and in so doing, has assimilated the dreams, visions and deifications of men birthed in the lore of babylonian Freemasonry. This is the very “meat sacrificed to idols” and “sexual immorality” against which the Lord warned the churches.      

None of what we say here is meant to demean the sincerity of heart and motive of many ignorantly caught up into this idolatry. It is after all extremely seductive and cunningly deceptive, just as is Roman Catholicism or Freemasonry. Nevertheless, the Spirit has been warning the churches all this time—both the Balaams, the Jezebels and their followers. Once warned however, there is no more excuse under the label of sincerity and ignorance.

The Lord is still calling the prophetic church to bridal purity and continues to demonstrate great patience and restraint, even as He called the ancient Balaamites and Jezebels to repent. Many American culture prophets espouse the idea of bridal purity who would deny that they are eating food sacrificed to idols and committing sexual immorality with the Statue of Liberty (just as Catholics deny that all their statues are idols).

Yet they remain ignorant, and now even willingly ignorant of what that purity demands relative to devotion to America. (I speak of all the leading “prophetic right” voices—Pierce, Sheets, Jacobs, Joyner, Wallnau, Kunneman, Copeland, just to name a few among the best known.)   

As the trap of antichrist control closes further on America by increasing degrees, some are awakening to their soiled state of soul and have begun repenting of their fairytales and compromised national devotion to instead wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb’s singular holy identity. It is for the sake of those still given chance to repent that the world tribulation trap has not yet completely sprung. For He is not willing that any of His own should perish.

But the time is near. The church must repent for this idolatry. Those who repent though not qualified in time as a firstfruits harvest will be spared and delivered by the Lord’s exodus from Egypt into the wilderness of His protection. There, they may complete their robe washing in time for the final harvest to glorified rulership. But those who fail to repent will be judged as Balaam and Jezebel, consigned to be trampled in the outer court under foot of the man of sin and his world system—all their ministry “estates” to be burned and demolished.

In closing, let all understand there will be no turning point or turnaround for America. There will be no reversal to a national covenant that never was. The only turnaround and revival will be for the repentant who awake to flee Babylon as it falls. For as the last and chief gentile world empire, America must end, because the times of the Gentiles are over. The kingdoms of this world are to fall and be turned over to the hands of the returning reigning immortals who will rule the remnants of all nations with a rod of iron.

But for all prophetic and intercessory idolaters who refuse to acknowledge this, know that their point of no return is nigh. The door to repentance and salvation from or through the coming woes is near to closing.

To the church then, the Spirit says, “Repent, for the time of testing is at hand.” And to the world He says, “Fear God and give Him glory, for the hour of His judgment has come.”


Loving you with the fear of the Lord,


Chris Anderson

First Love Ministry
a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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