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Will You Be Fooled by the “Red Wave"?



November 11, 2022

Well, well. I guess I would have to say, even I was fooled by the red wave that wasn’t!

Allowing even for the likelihood of vote manipulation that tempered Tuesday’s national election results, the overall underwhelming backlash seen in this midterm U.S. election—completely contrary to “prophetic right” expectations—gives us still more cause to better grasp God’s true Mind and role behind this.

Since we are presumably talking about having the prophetic “Mind of Christ” with regard to national governmental affairs, let’s step back and consider our true Model for this:

—as a humanly born Israelite under the law, Jesus our Messiah, while far more doctrinally aligned with the Pharisaic “right” than the Sadduceeic “left” (see Mt. 2:23-33 with Ac. 23:6-8), nonetheless never adopted the Pharisee party’s platform with its central plank slogan, Make Israel Great Again (MIGA).

Similarly, while acknowledging the spiritual superiority of His national heritage, Jesus did not champion that heritage, but transcended it, distancing Himself beyond it (see Jn. 4:19-23 with Lk. 4:25-27. Indeed, we today who were never born as Jews have received the benefit of that transcension!)

The point here is that Jesus’ prophetic vision was never harnessed to His natural identity seated in His national heritage received through His mother. His vision was entirely seated in His transcendent heavenly identity received through His Father. Therefore His prophetic kingdom labor was only ever geared, not to restoring the supremacy of Israel’s national heritage, but to taking men out of and past that heritage to become joined with Him into the heavenly heritage of His Father (Jn. 17:1-26).

This single realization exposes the fallacy of all prophetic cultural restoration movements throughout this age. The true prophetic Mind of Christ has only one objective. Regardless of how “goodly” (due to past or present spiritual influences) may be a national heritage into which a prophet is born, if he is to reveal Christ’s true prophetic Mind, he will not champion heritage salvation as His kingdom vision objective. He will instead transcend it to champion the call on God’s people to pursue the Father’s heavenly heritage.

The heavenly Father has never been about cultural heritage restoration. He has always been about spiritual heritage acquisition, under which shadow cultural heritage receives a byproduct blessing, resulting in beneficial reforms. But when cultural heritage preservation becomes our objective, spiritual heritage acquisition is abandoned, its beneficial shadow influence on culture is thus lost and culture goes dark. (Think Aesop’s fable, The Dog and His Reflection.)

That all means one thing: that the present prophetic American heritage restoration movement is actually responsible for accelerating the deterioration of the American culture! The more that the prophets decree and the intercessors pant for American national restoration from the platform of nationalist pride, the more they hasten its demise.

This brings us to the “little red ripple” out of this week’s election. The failure of any red wave “pullback” to significantly materialize at this “market threshold” election cycle, whether due to voter fraud or not, along with the previous 2020 Trump prophecies debacle, testifies to the prophetic failure to possess the Mind of Christ rooted in the Father.

When we look deeper into the demographic behind these elections, we can see that the idea of electoral “waves” is really a mirage that can’t denote a widespread national moral shift as prophetically contended. For the way the system works, it only takes a one or two percent shift in votes to produce an electoral “landslide.”

But in reality, this nation is virtually evenly divided to where at least half the country favors socially destructive, wicked and even barbaric Anti-Creator policies. Montana just voted “52%-48%” to allow babies who survive abortion to just die outside the womb once born! That margin is typical in all these races going back to the beginning of popular voting. In fact, there have only ever been four presidential elections when the winner even barely broke 60% of the popular vote.

All of this means that prophetic focus on saving the nation by “changing votes” is a fool’s errand. Changing a few vote percentages can never overthrow the dark systemic roots at the base of all the major societal institutions that run this country and control the minds of over half its people! Didn’t Trump already try that—and fail? And haven’t those powers already proven the muscle to steal the votes right back anyway?

Had a real “red wave” then materialized, it would have meant nothing as far as “restoration” in the nation. It would have only meant that one or two percent of those who voted (of the less than 50% who actually do vote) had a momentary change of mind, which could just as easily change back next time! Yet the prophets persist in pinning their spiritual hopes on promoting voting change and election reform to bring about national salvation.

Changing captains and crew on the Titanic would not have saved the Titanic. And changing presidents, governors, legislators and judges by a few “undecided independents” will not save America. It will not prevent the impending civil war, will not prevent the impending babylonian captivity under the beast system and will not stop the blowing of the second trumpet already sounding. 

For this reason, I’m quietly glad there was no red wave. For though I hate lawless “left wing” ideology, I hate prophetic delusion that leads the church astray worse. And a red wave would have perpetuated that delusion.

My hope is that the prophets will fail enough times at this that they might be brought to repentance, recover the true Mind of Christ, and begin preparing God’s people for their exodus from this system to the wilderness, where they may proceed to wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb under His protection and provision (Rev. 12:13-17; 7:13-14).

That tribulational washing alone will bring forth the long prophesied and awaited global revival within the survivors of the nations, including America.

Chris Anderson

First Love Ministry
a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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