A Lesson on “Spiritual Pullbacks”


 November 5, 2022


In some ways, this commentary is a sequel to the one made 20 years ago at this same time calledElection Reflection.” That commentary followed on the heels of an American congressional election that went favorably for those in this country who maintain a love for the conservative political and moral principles that generally reflect biblical values and virtues.

In that commentary, we discussed and reconciled the conflict between those believers called to maintain an influence in the otherwise perishing American world system and those who have been called to proclaim and plan for that system’s replacement. It is worth reading again if only for its objective balance.

But this commentary is different. While the mainstream prophets turned political pundits are heralding another similar overturn in the American congress this week (the “Red Wave”), my response is no longer one of merely appreciating differences in kingdom perspectives vis-à-vis our role in this American system. Too much has happened the last 20 years, especially these last 6 years, to prove there is no longer an equal balance between “maintainers” and “replacers” to be preserved with regard to our relationship to this culture.

The times scream that American national debauchery is now so great that God is on verge of collapsing and replacing it—a belief completely consistent with scripture’s prophesied end of the Times of the Gentiles marking the Lord’s return which everyone otherwise professes is so near.

Yet those charged with any kind of remaining “maintenance” function in the system are so utterly blinded by carnal passion for its past heritage that they can only interpret any slight temporary sign of pause in its march to destruction as “proof” that God is at last now acting to “turn America around.”


Spiritual Pullbacks

But hiccups in trends do not amount to changes in trends. They are what financial analysts call “pullbacks.” In any financial market, trending prices must periodically pause and briefly retreat before regathering steam to proceed in the prevailing direction. Pullbacks do not signal that a trend is actually reversing. Huge changes must occur in what we refer to elsewhere as “market fundamentals” before a trend in price can actually reverse.   

The same is true about spiritual trends with respect to a culture such as America’s. The spiritual trend of American culture and its systems has been downward for generations—really, almost from the nation’s inception—a trend that has gathered steep momentum the last 60 years as the Times of the Gentiles comes to its conclusion. This trend was prophesied in scripture concerning the end. It cannot be changed.

Nevertheless, that trend has been temporarily arrested from time to time by “spiritual pullbacks.” These pullbacks have been called “revivals” or “awakenings” or “moves” of God, marked by temporary positive spiritual atmospheric changes over the culture. Each spiritual pullback within the larger culture actually signals an opposite spiritual trend occurring in the remnant of God’s people destined for an immortal harvest opposite to that of the world, including America.

But those spiritual pullbacks within the larger cultural context do not signal trend changes in the culture! They do not signal “cultural turn around” or “national salvation” as all the culture prophets continue to “decree.” For there are not nor will be any changes in the spiritual fundamentals that drive last days mankind.

Culture prophets make very bad spiritual economic forecasters! They cannot tell the difference between macro spiritual fundamentals and spiritual pullbacks. For them every slight spiritual pullback manifesting as a cultural backlash to the prevailing march of cultural evil is hailed as the beginning of cultural trend reversal, when it is plain to any circumcised observer that is not what is happening nor ever has.

If we examine just the last 45 years in American politi-culture, we can note a few spiritual pullbacks that have occurred to temporarily arrest the march of American national self-destruction. The 1980 election of Ronald Reagan was achieved on the wings of such a pullback that catapulted the Spirit-filled evangelical church into national prominence for about a decade (which also ended in Spirit-filled ignominy).

Yet that pullback—unequaled by any since and with no prophetic backing!—saw no change in underlying cultural market forces and therefore indicated no change in cultural trend—despite Billy Graham and hundreds of charismatic TV and radio preachers saturating the American airwaves day and night. 

Since that “revolution,” no spiritual pullback has come anywhere close to intimating a cultural “turn around” effect in America, despite the decrees and “rain dancing” of a now past-ripe prophetic movement featuring thousands of sycophants.

Yet there have been some weak short-lived pullbacks. The election of George W. Bush in 2000 offered such a glimmer of prophetic-intercessory success (one in which I spiritually invested much). This included the previous mentioned 2002 overturn in the congress. Dutch Sheets was out declaring national turnaround and the “birthing of the baby.” Yet though certain cosmetic political evils were put on pause as a result, Bush himself turned out to be a great spiritual disappointment; and no spiritual market force change was being “birthed” in what by then was a far more corrupt culture than under Reagan.

The next spiritual pullback occurred at the 2010 midterms under the banner of the “Tea Party,” led by such Christian luminaries as Michelle Bachmann. It occurred only as a backlash to the socialist evils of the Obama administration whose election two years prior stood as a huge shellacking of the prophets with hopes set on the likes of Alaska’s Sarah Palin. The Tea Party soon fizzled thereafter. No turn around there.

That brings us to the Trump Era from 2016 to the present about which we have written much. We warned from the beginning not to expect any real cultural turnaround based on whatever Trump might otherwise accomplish politically that would appear to champion Christian values. Trump did accomplish some significant cosmetic political changes, some greater than Reagan—but nothing in the way of awakening the spiritual consciousness of God in this nation, nor could such a man who, though having horns like a lamb, speaks like a dragon. Trump did accomplish a pullback of sorts, but not a spiritual one, even though he evidenced personal favor to the church.

The importance of the Trump pullback is that the culture prophets have now morphed to the point that they can no longer tell between a political pullback and a spiritual pullback. Electing conservative politicians says nothing about spiritual change. No one is talking about spiritual change (though Mario Murillo claims such change is occurring). Rather, the prophets are proffering political commentary as if it were spiritually prophetic and thus some kind of evidence of spiritual national change. It isn’t.

Never mind any idea of spiritual pullback under Trump, but Trump’s boldly executed political pullback was itself hammered down under the beast’s ability to steal his re-election, a theft made possible by the vitriol of his own mouth during his four year reign. Had it not been for his own demonizing of all his opponents, the numbers of those who otherwise recognized the value of his policies would have been overwhelmingly impossible to stop through ballot stuffing. Yet even if so, it would not have signaled even a spiritual pullback, never mind the dawn of national salvation!

Two years ago, God shamed the prophets over the stolen election. But they have learned nothing from it. Rather they persist in their blind narrative of cultural turn around, now completely defined in terms of political backlash over the failed Biden administration, the same backlash that saw the failure of the Tea Party.

And that brings us to the anticipated Red Wave this week. Such a “wave,” should it materialize as to be beyond voter fraud capability to defeat, does not, cannot and will not signal trend direction change in the American culture nor the beginnings of national salvation. Backlash is not the same as repentant humility, which is the only character quality God will even recognize before healing anyone’s land (see II Chron. 7:14).

Where the pride of American life and nationality stand unabated, and are instead cherished and acclaimed by the church in all its intercessions and prophecies, rest assured, there will be no “national salvation” (never mind that God does not save “nations”). Rather understand, that the church itself at large has lost its first love, has abandoned the secret place to instead drink from Jezebel’s seductive cup of idolatrous abominations, We already know where that will lead hereafter.

This therefore is a word to the wise. Stay alert. Don’t abandon the secret place of your first love to become drafted into what the prophets are telling you God is “doing;” for even if He were doing it, He is not in it. (See I Kings 19:11-12, Much more on this to follow.)



Chris Anderson

First Love Ministry
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