September 15, 2020

 It has been on my heart for a number of weeks to write the “royal priesthood” here on the First Love Readers Circle with some further proceeding word that speaks with godly circumspection regarding the ongoing distress upon us this year. But as I review what has already been written by this ministry over these many years, there seems little to add to what has already been said.

The themes and principles of purified identity and preparation for governmental changeover through immortal takeover under pressure remain unchanged and unshaken. Everything that has been predicted is unfolding before us, even though it has been coming from a place beyond expectation, and will continue to do so. Knowing who you are in Christ alone, staying in the secret place of inner communion with the Lord, and remaining fearless under external psychological and physical pressure—these are the simple basics that see an overcoming people through to manifest eternal physical life.

For perspective, it’s important to highlight the opposite of these tenets just to be clear about them without assuming we are holding to them. Knowing who we are in Christ alone means knowing who we are not as identified by the nations and families of this world. It means not becoming unnerved when you see your natural family or nation break up around you.

Believers, for example, who have in this country been anchoring their identity equally in America and in Christ are in total tailspin now as America is breaking apart. This is seen in the frantic drivenness of the lead mainstream prophetic and intercessory ministries who have had no greater “kingdom” vision than to “save America.” (The same thing applies to those who just can’t stop trying to bind our eternal destiny to the carnal heritage of natural Israel.)

Staying in the secret place of inner communion means not partaking of the daily blather and mudfest of “prophetic” social media where every Tom, Dick and Harry claims to have a word or dream or a vision from God about some next thing that is going to happen and how you “must” pray to stop it from happening or to make it happen. It also means staying out of earshot of the world’s “news” sources filled with nothing but the voices of croaking demons gathering the nations to war (Rev. 16:13-14).

Remaining fearless under psychological and physical pressure means not giving into the subtle victimization spirit that raises “why me?” insinuations against God amidst those pressures. True endurance is not just a grin and bear it attitude. It is an attitude that asserts confidence against pressure. True fearlessness takes a forward stand against the pain. No one is saying this is easy. It absolutely isn’t. But we must understand what Jesus means when He speaks of the overcoming attitude. Fearlessness defies pressure, it does not commiserate while accepting it.

If we will just continue maintaining our place in Christ alone, abiding in Him and refusing to be intimidated under the current pressures, we will make it to glory. Be encouraged to stand fast in mind of all this. We know the pressure is about to exponentially increase. (You don't need yet another "revelation" from some YouTuber about yet another coming evil to tell you this.) But where pressure due to sin abounds, there does grace much more abound to the overcomer—grace that puts us over the top.

As the Lord inspires to add to this, so we will.

Be blessed royal priesthood. You are making it!

Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship



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