Redeeming the Next 72 Hours


November 1, 2008

A number of weeks ago, I wrote you about our family’s unusual encounter with Barack Obama in an Ohio cornfield. I told you about our word from the Lord to faithfully pray for the conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment on the senator as well as on his comrades, Sen. Biden, Sen. Glenn and Gov. Strickland. I also encouraged you to find your intercessory place as the Lord leads you, and that if all believers would find their targeted place in the Lord, we could indeed bring a godly influence to bear on the election.

Since that time, we have personally continued in our mandate, while otherwise staying pretty detached from the whole affair. However, over the last 2 weeks, I have begun to feel an intercessory heaviness: specifically, an intercessory fear on one hand, and sadness on the other. The fear is attributable to the strong work of witchcraft attending this election. The sadness I felt to be from the Lord Himself.

In the last week, I have come into possession of some rather disturbing intercessory information regarding the actual sources of witchcraft from Africa empowering Senator Obama’s campaign and that explain the unusual power of mesmerizing on the American people regarding him; as well as one pastor’s prophetic prediction from the Lord’s mouth that America will elect its most ungodly president in history. I have also seen the heavy interview with Dutch Sheets on CBN on the seriousness of the consequences of this election.

Having now personally felt the intercessory heaviness surrounding this election as well as having witnessed the national mesmerization at work, I have some words to share on the situation. It’s clear that America’s mainstream prophetic intercessors have never encountered a power of this magnitude before. And it’s also clear they are the underdogs in this fight. Their praying seems to be of little impact on the national consciousness. And if there is no dramatic change in the heavenlies over the next 72 hours, it appears that the powers of the air will succeed at installing Senator Obama as the next president.

But if this should happen, does it mean the powers of witchcraft are greater than the power of God? The answer is obviously no. If not, then we must look to one of two conclusions for what has happened. Either A) the Lord has purposely ordained Senator Obama to become president, or B) there is something deeply amiss in the intercessory community’s vision and strategy that has prevented God from exercising His power to overcome the witchcraft at work, thus necessitating Obama’s election by spiritual default toward a different spiritual end.

Given all that the Holy Spirit has brought to light regarding the powers at work behind Obama’s campaign, it is untenable that the Lord has specifically ordained his election. Therefore, the only other conclusion available is that the intercessory community is found wanting in its vision and strategy. Let’s look at the bigger picture to see why this is so.


The Father’s Ultimate Goal

As interested as the Father is in the affairs of nations, the Scriptures teach that His ultimate purpose in history since His Son’s appearing is to build and perfect His church. This means that everything that happens in the affairs of nations happens either by His design or by His allowance toward that end.

This means therefore that the Father’s interest in national affairs is secondary and supportive of His purpose for the church. Specifically, it means that the Father is not committed to establishing righteous human government per se, but to establishing or allowing as necessary whatever kind of human government is necessary for the perfecting of the church toward translation.

Scripture tells us that all government is appointed by God. So no government comes to power outside His control. This includes Pharoah, Nero, Hitler, Mao and the Man of Sin, as well as all those in history we might consider as good and God fearing leaders. The only issue is, does the government arise by His direct determination, or by His allowance? The answer to this is determined by which is most necessary at any time for His arch goal of perfecting the church.


Partnering With God for Good Government

On the church’s road to glory, the Lord delights to partner with His People in positively establishing good human government. But if for some reason that partnership is violated by the church’s attitude toward that government, such that good government becomes an obstacle to Father’s purpose to bring the church to glory, then the Father will allow evil government to arise and oppress His People, in spite of their intercessions for good government.

How can good government become an obstacle to the Father’s purpose to bring us to glory? Very simply. It is the Father’s purpose to take out a people named by no other name than His Son’s name. “No other name, but the name of Jesus,” we sing. But if God’s people become enamored of the human government He has partnered with their intercession to ordain so that they start sharing their affection for Him with that government, they are now guilty of national idolatry, and He can no longer afford to hear their continuing prayers for good government.

God is loathe to hear intercession and fasting for a government and nation that has become an idol and a competing source of spiritual identity to His People. The Father must now allow to raise up bad government until His People learn to no more share their worship of Him with human government. Once they learn their lesson, He can again entrust them with intercessory partnership in raising up good human government.


The American Problem

This brings us to the intercessory problem in America vis-à-vis elections and the state of the culture in general. One would think that with all the advances in prophetic and intercessory development our American church has seen the last 30 years, the culture and government should have been turned around long ago! But what have we seen? We have seen a no win stalemate between the church and an ever increasingly wicked society. The intercessory community is barely able to keep the lid on. We have won some victories, but they are few and fleeting, and quickly upstaged by the next round of evil. The intercession gets hotter every election, only to be won by bare cliff hangers, with no fundamental change of spirit in the society. Revival is constantly promised and prophesied, only to ring hollow with the next assault on liberty and moral virtue.

God has been gracious to hear the prayers of the intercessors in past elections. But what has He gotten in return toward His eternal purpose to mature the church? He elected Reagan for us. What did He get in return? Adoration of Reagan, and settlement into an era of “good feeling” and proud “patriotism.”  More “pledge of allegiance” to America, not to His kingdom. No, instead He got PTL, Jimmy Swaggart and the Jerry Falwell show.

OK. So then it came time for Bush-Gore 2000. Again God was really gracious, by a wire. He elected Bush in spite of all odds. What did He get in return? Adoration of Bush and America again. More adulation of “America’s brave young men on the foreign field,” not of His kingdom. No, instead He got more ease in Zion. He got more and more culture prophecy and intercession farting up the incense on His altar. (Sorry, that’s a paraphrase of Isa. 26:18). He didn’t get any more perfection of the church toward eternity.

So it seems that whether God shows grace to honor national intercession, or throws in a stick of national discipline like 911, He always comes out on the short end of the deal. Either way, the prophets and intercessors remain stuck on reaffirming their “love for their country” (better known in heaven as “the love of this world.”) If so, then what do you think He is thinking about this election?

Certainly the Father wants to give us good government. But if our track record is of any account, He has little reason to partner with us further in the matter. In modern parlance, it must look to Him like a pretty “risky investment.” Over the next 72 hours, the Lord has to be evaluating whether He wants to take another gamble on us. Rest assured He will have no stomach for the worshipping of Sarah Palin, even if she is our sister in Christ.    


National Prayer That Truly Counts

So this is where it really is right now. The national intercessors are out there throwing everything they’ve got at this witchcraft from Africa. For make no mistake, if Obama is allowed to come to power on the wings of this force, it’s going to become very bad for the church and America (unless he falls prey to the conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment first!) Unfortunately, most intercessors see this simply as a “power contest.” Whoever’s side can pray and fast the most, they will win this battle (so it is reasoned). The emphasis is on “Pray as much as you can every day, and here is what you should say,” as if God needs to be appeased by our intercessory works in order to come through. 

In their courses, some intercessors are repenting of the many sins of the nation and of the church—which is a good thing. This is getting much closer to God’s heart. But it is not enough and not what God is really after. There is one repentance God is looking for more than any other from us. It is repentance for our idolatry of this nation, its government, its culture and its history. And unless something turns in us to give that repentance to Him, it is seriously doubtful He will come through this time to offer good government to the nation.

For years there has been a lot of foolish talk in intercessory circles about “restoring our national covenant” with God. Human nations cannot make covenants with God. There is only One Nation that has a Covenant with God, and it is God’s Covenant with the Church through the Cross. This is the Covenant that has to be restored. God is looking for an affirmation from us to say,

Lord, we rededicate ourselves to your covenantal goal to mature us in Christ’s holy image to the end of this age. We separate ourselves from all unholy alliances with and allegiances to the nations of men, their glory and their military might. And we ask you to give us good government under these remaining times of the gentiles so that we may pursue your goal for us in peace. To this end we dedicate ourselves as Your Holy Transnational People. And on this pledge, we humbly ask you to once again show your grace to give us such government.”  

At some point in time to come, even this prayer will find no further hearing. A final division will be made between those who have lived from this heart, and the remainder of mankind who have persisted in worshiping government. To those after the Lord’s holy heart, a new government and a new economy will be given. To the remainder of mankind, including to the overwhelming body of mere Christian professors, will be given the worst world government of their dreams. There will be a final clash between the new government and the final world human government. Our new government will win.

But for now, until that final divide is made, we can pray the prayer above. And my prayer is for all those who occupy national intercessory roles—Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Lou Engle, Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Peter Wagner and James Dobson—that they might come to this real repentance.

Let’s see what the next 72 hours brings.

Chris Anderson
New Meadow Neck, Rhode Island

First Love Ministry
- a ministry of Anglemar Fellowship




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