Opportunity to Share the Natural Burden of Ministry

First Love Ministry is an intensive labor of love offered to the prophetic body of Christ at no charge. The ministry would not be complete without providing its readers an opportunity to share in the natural burden of the teaching priesthood.

The Lord has appointed us all to function through a sacred exchange of natural and spiritual produce. We are to freely receive and give of what we have both spiritually and naturally to support one another in Christ as led by the Spirit. But the Spirit lays a unique prompting on believers with an abundant supply who receive especial value from a ministry to sow into its financial support.  

This page provides the opportunity for any reader so prompted of the Holy Spirit to support this ministry. To be clear, this is not a "request" or "solicitation," but an "invitation." And a "doorway" is provided here for your response to the Lord's prompting.


The proceeds from offerings support the various expressions of our dedicated life as a priestly worshipping family, including First Love Ministry and our research into Christian life alternatives in education, law and health. They also support the needs of other Circle members as directed and overseas pastors related to this ministry. 

Two "doorways" for your donation are available. You may donate using PayPal, or you can send a check (cheque) or money order to the address that follows. Be blessed as you respond to the direction of the Holy Spirit regarding this burden!


To make an offering via PayPal, please click here:

(Please note: if you have any problem using this link and you have a PayPal account, please go into PayPal manually and send to this email address: littleflock@netzero.com)   



To send a check/cheque or money order, please make it out in US dollars to "Anglemar Fellowship" at this address:


Anglemar Fellowship

c/o P.O. Box 73

Barrington, Rhode Island [02806]