I. Introduction: The Big Picture


We are on the verge of a cataclysmic transition between spiritual ages


- a change in the way God reveals Himself to man


- major changes in thinking, experience, and relationship to God


Example: similar to the transition between the old and new covenants


- a change that requires correlation of presently unreconciled truths  necessary to prepare us for the next age



II. The Symmetry of Truth


The symmetry of creation (natural truth)


- everything was made in pairs (Gen 1)


- the human body is made up of dual parts and systems


Spiritual truth is mirrored by the creation and is also symmetrical


- because we as saints are made of spiritual truth, having the dual truths of this age reconciled in us is essential for our preparedness for the next age of revelation


- the Body must learn from itself according to the impartations of truth throughout it



III. Major Correlations of Truth at Hand


The nature of reality: relating the eternal to the present

The nature of divine relationship: relating Gods sovereignty to human will

The nature of the Holy Spirit: relating the Truth to the Comforter

The nature of spiritual identity: relating the individuals walk with God to his walk with the body

The nature of redemption: relating the Word to the Spirit (transformation and anointing)



IV. Introduction to Transformation and Anointing


Understanding the Personal vs. Creationary aspects of redemption (Gen 2:7-8)


- Man had a direct relationship with God and an indirect relationship with God through His tilling of the garden


- Through sin, man lost His direct relationship with God and his indirect relationship with God through creation was perverted to become an end in itself (idolatry)


- The plan of redemption has two parts: one to restore mans direct relationship and one to restore his indirect relationship with God.


The transformation is the restoring of our direct line to the Father after the image of Christ


- Description: the seed of new identity by which we are born again (ie, become a new person) through the indwelling word and brought through a process of contention with remaining sin in the body unto the harvest of glorification ( refer to Mt. 13 > I Pt. 1;23; I Cor. 15:35-44).


- Key type: growing seeds (parable of the sower)


- Transformation menu: conviction, repentance, obedient faith, consecration (total surrender), sanctification, the cross (dying to the flesh, living to God), union with Christ, knowing God, eternal life, perfect love, abiding in Christ, fruit of the Spirit, discipleship, suffering, circumcised heart, maturity (perfection), sonship, glorification.


The anointing (ie, the creational power of the Spirit) restores our indirect line to the Father through training us in sharing in the redemption of creation


- Description: the powers of the world to come, the energy of the Holy Spirit by which all life and activity in the next age will be conducted (todays miracle is only a preview of this power which at that time will be the norm.); the acts of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit mediating the transforming work of Christ in each individual, and giving color to the reality of a corporate body in Christ. (refer to Heb 6:4-5; I Cor 12-14 and Ephesians 4).


- Key types: rainfall (Joel) and oil (Isa 61 > compare to Lk 4).


- Anointing Menu: The Old Testament uses of oil and anointing with literal oil reveal the many applications of spiritual anointing: positional leadership, healing, revelation (light), prosperity, warfare and other skills, objects for service, relational harmony and favor, martyrdom (burial). Last but not least - facilitates the making of bread (ie, facilitates our digesting of the word and the transformation process.)



V. Contrasting the Operations of the Transformation and the Anointing






supportive, helping

(relative to:)

sovereignty of God

requires surrender of human will

does not need to involve human will

grace of God

grace through obedience/discipline

grace without respect to obedience


centers on the eternal

centers on the temporal (pass away)



(played out in relationship heart & motive)


(played out on the surface of personality and activity, cannot , change the heart)




VI. Overview of the Historical Restoration of Transformation and Anointing


As the glorification harvest has been approaching, God has been restoring these two works of redemption over 500 years leading toward the ushering in of a completed generation into the next age


Transformation History (1680 - 1880/1900)


Mystics - Pietists - Wesleyans/Methodists - Holiness Movement/Deeper Life Keswicks


Sample Authors: Andrew Murray, A. W. Tozer, Watchman Nee, Hannah Hurnard


Anointing History (1880/1900 - present)


Divine Healing - Pentecostal Movement/Azusa Street - Latter Rain - Charismatic - Corporate Movements (Faith, Sheperdship, Worship, Prophetic, etc.)


Sample Authors: Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts, Jack Hayford, numerous contemporary charismatic based authors



VII. Challenge to Filling in the Missing Gaps of Our Redemption


The enemys purpose has been to distort these works and prevent their union in the church


Because of limited teaching, exposure, and experience, we are missing areas of either or both of these

- we must leave comfort zones of familiarity with favorite truth

- we must overcome offense of those who bear the truth we lack but who have distorted it


God will reveal to each individual and church what they must do


Failure to submit to the reconciling of these works of redemption will leave us unprepared for entrance into the next spiritual age






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